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Goodbye My Jetta Jameson My Life 28 JUL 2010

So this morning I waved goodbye to my steadfast friend and mover who served me so loyally for so many years already. I can’t quite remember just how long I’ve owned my 1997, 1.6 white Jetta 3, but it has been quite a couple of years and more importantly, a HELL of a lot of kilometers. She has taken me on many a journey, but eventually time started catching up with the old girl, and most devastating of all, the 100km+ I drive every day to work and back was really starting to eat at her.

Obviously I moved to replace her a couple of months ago already, buying my awesome little 1.4 midnight grey Hyundai Getz (aptly nicknamed Gina G.), but in the four months since I haven’t quite gotten around to advertising my beloved Jetta Jameson yet – until now that is.

Last night at around 21:30 I typed up my advert and posted it on Gumtree, on FaceBook and on my blog. By 22:00 the phone started ringing and the SMSes started coming in – and they simply didn’t stop!

After dutifully replying to each and every incoming call and message, I eventually gave up, asked Chantelle to instead set her phone’s alarms and so put my phone on silent and left it to stew out in the kitchen overnight.

But this wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth mind you – I had already set up a meeting in Westlake with the first caller that had contacted me, meaning that at 06:30 this morning I was in the Jetta, putting in petrol and on my way to the Steenberg Virgin Active where I had set up the meeting for. We both arrived at the meet up a little later than the scheduled time, but meet up we did, and with no further ado, young Mr. Noor Rawoot had a good look at the car, we took it out for a spin down the M3, haggled over the price a little, and returned to the Touchwork offices to sign all the necessary contracts (hey, I’ve got to protect myself a little) and finish the deal with a good old Internet Bank Transfer.

And that was that. The paperwork was signed, the keys were handed over, and a happy Mr. Rawoot and his wife took off in their new car, leaving me R17,000 richer and thus with half of my new home’s transfer fees already covered! :)

For the record, the phone calls, SMSes and emails didn’t stop coming for the rest of the day. Just as well I got Chantelle to log in to Gumtree and delete the advert for me – I would hate to know how many more enquiries I would have had to field!

So there you have it. Painless, hassle free, and very, very quick. And so far, so good. I haven’t heard anything from Noor yet, so I’ll assume he is happy with his purchase – and more importantly I’m happy Jetta Jameson can now faithfully go on to serve someone else for a change! :)

For Sale: 1997 White Volkswagen Jetta Sedan – R17,500 For Sale 27 JUL 2010

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

For Sale: A white, 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Mark 3 – R17,500 (neg.)

Although she already has a good 241 250 km under her belt, this girl is still in good working condition with a sound, reliable engine, decent fuel economy, and available at an unbeatable price!

She comes armed with an alarm, immobiliser and central locking, possesses a good set of tyres, a full spare wheel in the boot, a completely overhauled clutch, replaced water pipes, all her original documentation, and finally, all major services taken care of.

There are of course some minor niggles that will need to be addressed by you at some point in time. First, she needs her front windshield replaced as that is currently cracked (vertical line, driver’s side). Next, there are a couple of rust spots that can be looked at and also, the air-conditioner is currently not working (though I suspect a re-gas might fix that). Finally, the radio face appears to have a loose connection, meaning that the radio doesn’t play at the moment.

The reason that I am selling my long-serving girl is because I recently got a pay increase at work, meaning that I bought a new car to replace her with. So, if you are interested in picking up a good family car for pretty cheap, feel free to contact me (Craig) on 0828521524 or at craig.lotter@gmail.com.

From the front.

The driver's side

From the rear down the passenger's side

Charging a Flat Car Battery My Life 13 JUL 2010

Believe it or not, Jetta Jameson is actually still apart of our lives here in 45 Nagua Bay, but only because I STILL haven’t gotten around to advertising her. Don’t ask, I can’t explain why I haven’t yet either – nor do I even have a good excuse for not having done so either!

However, one fatal flaw which has already struck us during her extended stay in the carport here is that the dear still happily slurps a lot of battery power thanks to her handy alarm and mobiliser, not to mention the rest of all her rather ancient electronics.

Now being the useless practical man that I so often am, I didn’t really bother to disconnect her battery because I expected my techno-savvy self to already have posted an advert for her and gotten her sold off, and so have stuck to a ritual of giving her a bit of a drive every weekend whenever the opportunity pops up. The perfect plan of course as long as you stick with it – which is exactly what didn’t happen a little while ago when I had that string of fun weekends away one after the other, leading to a rather neglected Jetta Jameson.

Of course, the only way to find out whether or not the car’s battery is still alive is to try and start her up when you suggest to your wife to take her out on a Sunday afternoon drive. Of course, after much swearing, jump start attempts and just general muttering, one has to concede and do what any man does best – phone your father to find out if he maybe possesses something that will help you out of your bind.

And of course, my pops had just the thing.

An awesome little portable battery charger! So a quick disconnect and move into the house, followed by the scrounging up of a PC power cable to replace the clunky circular plug attached to the unit, and finally 24 hour recharge cycle was exactly what Jetta Jameson needed to get back up on her toes.

Dad's portable battery charger doing its thing. Note all the sand from the old daily commute that cakes Jetta Jameson's battery.

Grateful, she now gets a good drive to keep her in shape every weekend, with me still hoping that I’ll get to posting that damn advert for her – eventually! :P

P.S. She actually drives pretty nicely at the moment – seems the long lay off from that horrible daily commute has been good for her – though in fairness, her radio has all of a sudden given up the ghost! O.o

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 3] My Life 10 FEB 2010

At last the grand finale. I am now finally mobile again, after having sat without my beloved Jetta Jameson for quite some time now (haven’t been to the office or even karate practice in the meantime), though I just wish my wallet wasn’t sobbing quite so loudly at her return.

R4,063 it cost me this time around to get her back up and running.

But in all fairness, it didn’t start out costing that much, as it usually does if you think about it. As mentioned in the last chapter of this saga, I had left Jetta Jameson in the capable hands of mechanic supremo Ian Basson over at Nistec in Tokai where I let him happily tinker away while I got stuck into powering up my home office and working from home again.

Considering the fact that my car was overdue a service by at least a month or two, I phoned up Ian and asked that while the car is already sitting in the shop, if they wouldn’t just service it for me while they’re at it, a brilliant idea, but an idea that nevertheless had me chewing down on my bottom lip in the hopes that I wouldn’t be getting that dreadful phone call that usually accompanies Jetta Jameson services where the mechanic phones you up to tell you the unpleasant surprise that they had discovered.

But nothing ever came and I started to feel a tinge of joy in my heart at the prospect of only paying for a service and the R900 for the replaced cable – which is of course exactly when the phone call did come through. As Ian explained, they had replaced the pin and cable, completed the service and as they rolled her out of the workshop, all of a sudden the clutch gave in completely – meaning that they had to ship her back into the garage and now drop the box to find the problem – and lo and behold, the time for a complete clutch kit replacement was finally upon me.

Not altogether unexpected if you consider that I’ve yet to ever replace the clutch on the car despite the number of years I’ve owned the car and the number of kilometers on the clock (239 000 in case you are wondering), but still sucky because that meant the horrible boost in cost that I was so dreading – and boost it did.

To cut the story short, the job took far longer than expected, it cost a lot of money (there there oh wallet of mine – could be worse of course, I’ve spent R11 000 on the car once if I remember correctly) and was a pain in the ass logistically for me in particular.

But at least I now have her back (thanks to Chantelle and our ever friendly GPS for getting me there) and she’s riding smoothly again – though with her new clutch and the setting completely different from what I’m used to, I am looking a bit like a Noob Poephol every time it comes to pulling away from a stop street at the moment! :)

Sorry about that.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 2] My Life 04 FEB 2010

Having dropped Chantelle off at work and taken the Getz through to work in order to make the interview we were conducting on the day, I was rather relieved to find the lifeless Jetta Jameson still standing untouched in the Steenberg Virgin Active parking lot on Tuesday morning.

Now we had originally bashed together a plan which would see Monty and Cheryl arrive in Westlake at 13:00, just after our scheduled interview (Touchwork is still hiring, just in case you haven’t submitted your CV yet!), which would mark me leaving work early and jumping in the Jetta so that Monty could tow her all the way back to Disa Auto Services in the Strand with the Tucson while Cheryl would be left in charge of bringing Chantelle’s Getz back to the pad at Gordon’s Bay. In hindsight probably not the best of plans to have come up with, but I guess it worked for us at the moment, despite the prospect of the 50 km tow back towards the Helderberg.

However, following the interview (which didn’t go all that great mind you), Rory provided me with a brilliant alternative to our shaky plan, prompting me to call off Monty (just in time) and cancel with Disa who I had already organised with to receive my clutchless baby.

Ian the mechanic is a man that Rory has been using for well over ten years now (and who is currently servicing almost the entire population of Spintelligent thanks to Rory’s referrals) and who just happens to run a repair shop out in Tokai, not all that far from Westlake Business Park.

Giving him a shout, Rory convinced Ian to come out to the office where he and I would go have a look at Jetta Jameson and determine whether or not the problem lay with a simple snapped clutch cable which could be fixed on the spot, or something more serious like the last time the clutch went on my girl, prompting the necessity for towing her into the shop.

A little later than scheduled, Ian and assistant in his bright red bakkie turned up and off we twaddled towards the gym, where on quick inspection it was revealed that what ailed Jetta Jameson was nothing more than a broken pin that handles the attaching of the cable to the clutch arm. However, don’t laugh with joy just yet I’m afraid.

Unfortunately for me, the Jetta is fitted with a self-adjusting retractable clutch cable, meaning that when the pin went, the clutch cable automatically retracted and adjusted itself to the new length, effectively rendering the cable useless and prompting its replacement. Sucky.

And while I could replace it with a grey product, Ian highly recommends against it as in his experience the after market parts are so inferior that in most of the cases you would be back within a month. So that means an original part then, no problem of course, but that particular bloody cable costs R900! Stupid broken little clamp type thingie…

Anyway, Ian and his assistant hooked up Jetta Jameson and towed her back to his shop while I returned to the office, squeezed in the last bit of work for the day and then took Green Getz home, pleased that the situation is now half way resolved and more importantly, the solution ended up not involving a 50 km towing ordeal!

(Plus, at least the R900 + the rest of the expenses has some sort of benefit – I get to work from home until I get the call from Ian to come and pick my baby up. That’s not too bad a deal my tired body in need of more sleep reckons…)

[End Part 2]

And We’re Back in the Office My Life 13 OCT 2009

Well, old Jetta Jameson has now proved that she really doesn’t like the rain, because eventually after completely drying off, she was once again up and at them, ready to hit the road – at a fairly noisy and bumpy pace I might note. So, if I can get the boss to agree, I’ll try and fit her in for a much needed service next week. *sigh*, I’m not sure just how much more battering my poor little wallet can take! (Seriously, this wedding and honeymoon needs to come and go again sooner than later – my poor bank account WANTS a breather from it all! :P)

Working from Mom’s place in Bellville proved to be a frustrating experience with no dedicated office space or hardline into the network, meaning that my laptop chugged along on its VERY unreliable wireless connection which in turn meant a very unproductive morning I’m afraid (the presence of Ryan and FIFA didn’t help either). Thankfully though, Jetta Jameson did eventually make herself drivable (as noted above) and without further ado, I packed up and headed back to my office in GB where I set about quickly catching up all the time I’d missed in term of work for the day. (Unfortunately of course, I did screw up a little and all the code changes I made were neatly overwritten by Steve who was transferring the SVN changes up just before he left. Needless to say, I can kick myself from not communicating what I was doing with him in the first place! Doh!)

Karate practice was good as always and I’ve really got the second kata down quite nicely now, finding myself often helping out Ian and James with some of the trickier parts, though the evening took a twist when we learned that there’s a possible Funakoshi split hanging about in the air. As it was, I ended up chatting with Sensei Birgitt and Sempai Gert for a good while after training and unfortunately for Chantelle’s sake, only got back at about 20:30 from the night’s session!

Suprisingly enough though, me the anti-pasta guy found the tagliateli meal that C had prepared for us rather palatable, and it complemented all the wine I was drinking perfectly! :)

Unfortunately that did have the impact of us not getting nearly all the wedding stationery stuff doen that we had wanted to, meaning that tonight I’m going to forgo my only chilled evening of the week and instead drive through to GB after work to get cracking on getting the wedding programme composition and seating lists printing all in order.

So busy, busy, busy as per usual in the life of Craig! :P

touchwork logo

Jetta Jameson Dies Again My Life 12 OCT 2009

Ag no man. I was so positive for a good start to this week (as indicated by the earlier post that was typed up on Sunday evening I might add). I’ve gotten enough rest, enough relaxation and am raring to go and handle a critical live system upload, the first for our newly adopted weekly release cycle strategy. And what goes and happens?

The floodgates open here in the Western Cape overnight, Bellville is drenched in rainwater and my beloved Jetta Jameson barely makes it onto the N1 via the Old Oak on-ramp before dying an ungraceful death and leaving me stranded with my hazards on as rush hour traffic streams past alongside me.

I wait for an eternity and after what seems to be a million attempts, I eventually manage to get her started and chug along in the emergency lane down towards the Durbanville offramp, but not more than a hundred meters or so, I break down again and the waiting starts all over again. Eventually I do get her started again, and instead of playing hero and attempting to drive all the way through to Westlake, I decide to take the Durbanville offramp and attempt to limp back home instead, and as it is, this turns out to be the correct decision because just before I manage to coax the injured Jetta back to Oakglen, she dies on me once again and once more I have to patiently sit and tap my fingers, waiting for the opportunity to try and bring her back to life.

Back home, wet and annoyed, I lay down my stuff and grab the laptop – guess it’s work from home time after all for today! :( (Sorry boss!)

Hopefully when things dry out she’ll start running fine again, and at the moment I can’t figure out exactly what the problem is, the only lead being something that Monty suggested might be the problem the last time it happened, back when I got stuck in Muizenburg on a wet, dark weekday morning. In any event, so far it seems only rain initiated, but that doesn’t help me all that much if it decides to continue to rain here in the Cape for the foreseeable future.

So where does this leave me then? Well I guess the decision to purchase a new car sooner than later has now been forced upon me after all. Hopefully a nice wage increase at the end of the year is in order? O.o

From the front.

From the front.

Crappit. My Life 14 MAY 2009

Crappit. Still haven’t got my car back from the mechanics… apparently the manifold took some time in coming back from the subcontractors who were welding and skimming it.

So missed out on karate practice last night and am once again having to work from home today (which is now the third day in the row!). Thank goodness my desktop RAM module seems to have sorted itself out now because my Jaunty installation is proving as stable as can be and with nifty old FileZilla and new find Komodo Edit to back me up, things are at least moving forward which is a good thing to know when you realise just how many of these ‘urgent deadlines’ just cropped out of nowhere!

Still, hope I’m not being charged for all these extra days my car service is not taking. I already had a mini heart-attack at the first quote so I’m kind of gritting my teeth and hoping it doesn’t grow any bigger while I wasn’t looking!

Sigh, one forgets how tough life without a car is sometimes! :(