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Review: Justice League #1 (Oct. 2011) Comic Books | My Reviews 25 APR 2012

Leading the charge of DC’s huge universe overall, dubbed “The New 52!”, was Justice League #1, written by Geoff Johns, pencilled by Jim Lee and inked by Scott Williams.

Seeing as this is the relaunch of the line, Geoff gets to build a brand new origin story for the League, and he starts off with gusto, as we’re thrown right into the mix of Batman being chased by military helicopters, who in turn is chasing a parademon across the rooftops of Gotham. Star City’s Green Lantern intervenes, and in the ensuing confusion, the parademon escapes, forcing Green Lantern and Batman to track it down before it can do any more damage.

With the retrieval of a Motherbox, Batman and Green Lantern head to Metropolis in the hope that the resident alien there might be able to shed some light on their new mystery… though its not like this particular alien likes to be told what to do!

Geoff weaves a great introduction story, and he creates some particularly witty and enjoyable banter between Batman and Green Lantern, capturing their personalities perfectly. The tale flows well and the setup for the final page leaves you wanting more, always the hallmark of a well written issue.

Jim Lee can hardly ever do wrong with the pencil, and once again he and Scott Williams produce some fantastic, detailed and dynamic layouts and sequences, making Justice League #1 a proper superhero visual treat.

Well worth picking up in other words.

Jim Lee and Scott Williams: X-Men #5 Cover (1992) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 10 SEP 2011

1992’s issue 5 of X-Men from writer John Byrne delivered to us a story of Wolverine being captured by Omega Red and Fenris in their hunt for a long lost Carbonadium Synthesizer, Wolverine’s escape through the help of an unexpected ally, and then of course the X-Men who need to come and show up as well.

As per usual, penciller supreme Jim Lee and inking partner Scott Williams slapped together a terrific, detailed and thoroughly jaw-dropping action-packed cover for the issue, throwing us right into the middle of a proper knockdown-dragout battle between long time enemies, Wolverine and Omega Red!

Yes, My Home Office is Officially Cooler than Yours My Life 17 MAY 2011

Yes, my home office is now officially cooler than yours. Why you ask? Well it is all thanks to the new addition in my little man den here at home, a little something I picked up from a frame/art shop in Canal Walk on my birthday this year.

Let’s just say that my office now comes with extra vigilante protection, thanks to the oversized, totally awesome, Jim Lee (one of the best comic book artists to ever walk this Earth) rendered, Batman wall print.

Did I mention it’s awesome?

Oh yeah, my office is now definitely cooler than yours! ;)

Awesome show-off angle 1...

Spectacular show-off angle 2...

Indicating the brilliant size of this thing

And finally, a clear look at the detailed artwork itself. Didn't I tell you that this was awesome? :P