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jQuery UI Slider Pips: Enhancing jQuery Sliders with Labels and Pips

The jQuery UI user interface library, built on top of the excellent jQuery JavaScript library, includes a pretty neat slider control that allows users to select a numeric value by dragging a handle with either the mouse or keys. However,… Continue Reading →

jQuery UI Autocomplete: How to clear the Search Text after Selection

jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. One of the useful widgets in the collection is the Autocomplete widget, which enables users to quickly find… Continue Reading →

jQuery UI: How to Select All Text when the User clicks on the Autocomplete control

The jQuery UI toolbox gives you a lot of new controls to play around with if you are already using the awesome jQuery library, one of which it the very useful autocomplete control. Essentially “Autocomplete enables users to quickly find and… Continue Reading →

jQuery: How to Break Out of an Each Loop

The ever so useful jQuery javascript library has a homegrown loop function entitled .each(), which allows you to iterate over a jQuery object, and at the same time execute a function for each matched element. Very useful indeed. However, sometimes… Continue Reading →

jQuery: How to Check if an Element has Class ‘X’ or ‘Y’

If you find yourself needing to check whether or not a particular HTML element has a specific class currently assigned to it, you’ll be pleased to know that the awesome jQuery javascript library has you covered with their ever so… Continue Reading →

DataTables: Disable Sorting on a Column

DataTables is a fantastic jQuery-powered plugin that supercharges your ordinary HTML tables and as such is pretty much my de facto method for presenting tabular data. I often include special ‘action’ columns in my table where I lump in all… Continue Reading →

How to Trigger a jQuery UI Accordion Click Action

The Accordion jQuery UI widget is a great way to present lots of data in a limited space through the use of collapsible panels. If your panels are fairly large, or perhaps you have a quite a few of them… Continue Reading →

How to Set a Cookie using jQuery

If jQuery is your javascript manipulation library of choice, then you would be pretty pleased that developer Klaus Hartl took the time and whipped up his excellent jquery-cookie plugin, thereby making the act of setting or retrieving browser cookies in… Continue Reading →

jQuery: How to Test if a div is Visible

The wonderful jQuery library actually makes it pretty easy for us to test whether or not a div (or pretty much any other element for that matter) is currently visible, by providing us with a ‘:visible’ selector. Basically elements are… Continue Reading →

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