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Nelson Daniel: Judge Dredd #2 Cover (2012) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 27 MAY 2013

Nelson Daniel is responsible for this tad bloody cover for issue 2 of IDW’s Judge Dredd.

Snagged off the Internet: “In Mega-City one, Judges ARE the law. But what happens when a veteran Judge goes bad? And he’s so skilled at hiding his misdeeds that even Judge Dredd is unable to dig up the evidence he needs? Looks like it’s time to choose psis… from the Psi Division, that is!

IDW’s all-new ongoing series continues here, with the re-introduction of fan-favorite JUDGE ANDERSON! Don’t even think about skipping this issue. Because… well, she’ll know.”

Nelson Daniel Judge Dredd issue 2 Cover 2012

Movie Update: Dredd | Safe House | Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 Animation | My Reviews 27 MAR 2013

Dredd (2012)

Judge Dredd, a law enforcer given the power of judge, jury and executioner in a vast, dystopian metropolis called Mega-City One, is saddled with the task of handling the final evaluation of rookie judge Anderson, a trainee who exhibits a high level of psychic ability. The evaluation patrol takes a turn for the worse as Anderson and Dredd find themselves being called upon to bring justice to a 200-storey high-rise block of flats and deal with its resident drug lord, Ma-Ma. Only problem is – pretty much the entire building is against them!

Outside of the fact that this film was shot mostly in South Africa, thus automatically making it super cool, as a big fan of Dredd over the years, I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie. It is wall to wall action that never ceases to satisfy, and despite the fact that this is a fairly simple get to the top of the building plot, the story manages to keep you fully engaged from start to finish, buoyed by some fantastic acting by Karl Urban as Judge Dredd (and on that note, he really is the perfect Dredd) and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson.

Special effects are in plentiful supply, and I have to say, the graphic gore and violence was needed in order to make this a realistic Dredd outing. Visually striking, great costume design and a pulse binding soundtrack, finally 2000AD fans can properly forget about the Sylvestor Stallone Dredd disaster from all those years ago!

Oh, and one last note: by retreating from an overly futuristic setting, the film actually benefits in that it becomes less campy, more dark and gritty, and thus easier to sink one’s teeth into. Definitely an inspired move then.

judge dredd - karl urban dredd movie

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Safe House (2012)

Matthew Weston is a “Housekeeper”, basically the operator of one of the CIA’s many safe houses around the world, his being nestled in the heart of Cape Town South Africa. His inexperience as a field agent is however about to be put to the test, as a CIA’s most wanted rogue agent by the name of Tobin Frost simply walks into the Cape Town American Embassy and hands himself over, sparking off a chain of events that will pretty soon see both Tobin and Matt gunning for their lives!

Another movie shot in South Africa, Cape Town to be more precise, and to be frank, this is a fantastic action thriller brought to us by director Daniel Espinosa which pits the always fantastic and engaging Denzil Washington against a believable, likable and in the end very capable Ryan Reynolds.

Superb action sequences, great cinematography and a good musical score all combine with a well told and well paced story that is sure to hook you and keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

An enjoyable action romp without a doubt, made even better for all us local Capetonians thanks to its location!

safehouse movie - ryan reynolds

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Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 (2012)

Bruce Wayne is an old man now, and Gotham hasn’t seen any sign of Batman for over ten years now. However, the city is slowly being taken over by its dark side, with villainous gangs on the rampage and old rogues gallery villains making a reappearance.

But it isn’t always that easy to ignore the Bat inside…

Finally, the animated movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s groundbreaking 1986 Batman story arc, and pleasingly it’s off to a fantastic start. The story is dark and brooding, the villains intense and menacing, and quite frankly the combination of slick, miller-inspired animation style, fantastic voice actors and intense action sequences make for yet another stunning entry in DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.

Because this is a part 1 of 2, the movie does leave you begging for more, but even on its own it’s a good and proper hit, well worth picking up for any comic book or animation fan!

bruce wayne- dark knight returns part 1 movie

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And the House is almost Transformed! My Life 11 MAR 2013

paint-can-and-paint-brushWith the transformation of our house from light to dark well under way now, this weekend was a bit of a bust in terms of being able to go anywhere thanks to having painters over for all of Saturday and pretty much a huge chunk of Sunday.

Friday evening was a bit disappointing in terms of finishing off Army of Two with Ryan, thanks to spotty Internet connection (which culminated in having no connection for pretty much the whole Sunday evening!), and with Chantelle busy with her baking, I was left to fend for myself in terms of entertainment. That said, Saturday evening was even more of the same, with Chantelle off for her sushi, cocktails and soppy DVDs girls’ night out with Trish and the rest of the bunch in Bellville, and Jess (who was really in a difficult mood on the day) off chilling with Oupa and Ouma! Still, nothing that an evening of pizza and the awesome Dredd movie couldn’t fix!

Saturday also saw me make an unscheduled trip through to Stellenbosch, thanks to learning on our morning supply run to Builder’s Warehouse, that they had run out of stock of the Severe Weather Cyclone colour paint that we desperately needed in order for the team to continue with the paint job. (That sounds pretty awesome written down, but in case you are wondering “Severe Weather” is Builder’s Warehouse paint brand and “Cyclone” is the gorgeous gray colour we’re covering the house with). The trip was fairly successful, but I must admit, locating Builder’s Express in Stellenbosch not so much. Still, I managed to get another 20 litres of the necessary paint back to the boys so it was all good.

The only other thing I managed to achieve on Saturday then was the total rearrangement of our house, basically removing the last remaining ‘leisure’ section of the braai room and redistributing it to the rest of the house (my tiny office now even has a 40 inch television crammed into it!). This allowed us to open a ton of space for Chantelle’s work area to expand into, which needless to say does not bode well for my wallet in the coming weeks!

So the house looks a little bit strange at the moment with things a little out of place, but with the rocking chair sofa already relocated back to Bellville and one of our couches being advertised on GumTree, things should get back to normal as space starts to open up again!

Sunday kicked off another round of DIY for me as with the painter busy outside, I got busy inside playing with my new jigsaw and pretending to be a carpenter, building what will hopefully result in my first ever shelf with bookend combination. My highschool wood work teacher would have been proud! :P

(Note to Dad. I need to bring over some planks which I need you to rescue for me with your circular saw. Don’t ask.)

Chantelle and Jess arrived home in the afternoon and after a nice lazy afternoon of playing with a much more cheerful than Saturday Jess and in general just soaking up some sun, we capped the day off with a family trip to Pick ‘n Pay, bath and bedtime routine for Jess, and then some ostrich burgers in front of Big Bang Theory (finally, we’ve made it to season 6!).

And with Chantelle once again picking up her baking tools, I passed the rest of the night (remember, no internet), by playing some solo FIFA 13 – which didn’t go so well.

Kevin Walker: 2000AD #1453 Cover (2005) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 11 AUG 2012

Comic book artist Kevin Walker has gone through a number of different styles over the years, but the one thing that has remained constant is his ability to deliver some iconic Judge Dredd pieces.

This particularly moody, styled cover featured on prog 1453, announcing the start of the equally dark Mandroid thriller story arc.

Comic Book Art: Judge Dredd by Jock Comic Book Art | Comic Books 24 OCT 2011

Scottish comic book artist Jock (better known as Mark Simpson to his mum) is best known for his stunning, heavily styled and sketchy artwork over in 2000 AD, where he first got into the game with his Lenny Zero and Judge Dredd pieces.

Since then, he has broken into the American comic book market with his work on The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One, and went on for a successful run on Batman as well as Hellblazer. Also active in providing key work for film productions and promotional campaigns, you can follow the man on Twitter if you really want to know more, or perhaps check out his personal website.

Anyway, on to today’s piece of comic book art, featuring none other than the tough as nails and with the attitude to match dispenser of justice to Mega City One, Judge Dredd.

The House of C 019: Dumping is Illegal The House of C 12 APR 2010

You might laugh at this one, but a lot of cities do have ordnances in place that forces people to pick up after their dogs or face rather stiff penalties – though one is left to wonder just who is responsible for all that illegal dumping left behind by strays then…

Final note, Judge Dredd is awesome. If you haven’t picked it up, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of either Judge Dredd Megazine or 2000AD – the absolute best in British black humour comics. (Though I kind of miss the fully painted strip days. Computer colouring just doesn’t carry the same sort of charm with it).

Oh, and if you are feeling a little lost, here’s the info link creep: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judge_Dredd

New Judge Dredd Movie Finally Green Lit! Moving Pictures Notes 22 DEC 2008

ron perlman and his chinAt last! News just in is that Rebellion and 2000AD have finally announced that a new Judge Dredd movie will at last be in the making. DNA Films, the guys behind Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later have been pressed in as the production company behind this new project and the movie is slated to go into production 2009.

According to Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director for Rebellion, they don’t exactly want to give away too many details at this point, meaning that just who is going to be filling the director’s chair and more importantly, who is going to play the part of the toughest lawman of the future, is pretty much anyone’s guess at this point in time.

All I can say is that I hope that this time around they’ve learnt their lesson and won’t try and forcefully adapt this true British original for the American market – as what they did with the horrible 1995 flop starring Sylvestor Stallone and Rob Schneider of all people!

Me, I would love to see someone like Jason Statham fill Dredd’s oversized boots, but I have to admit, Ron Perlman already has the perfect chin profile for the job! :)