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Covered: Judge Dredd Megazine 39 (Shimura) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 12 FEB 2011

Once a trusted and respected Hondo-City judge, Inspector Shimura finds himself a victim of devious machinations against him, resulting in him being cast out of the giant mega-city and forced into the life of a ronin warrior, battling to find out the truth and take revenge against those who moved against him.

Robbie Morrison was responsible for penning a truly strong entry in the Shimura ethos which would help firmly cement the Japanese judge as as fan favourite, and needless to say, artist Frank Quitely was hard-pressed to come up with an equally iconic cover to match!

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Covered: Judge Dredd Megazine 74 (Shimura) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 05 FEB 2011

Today’s Covered plucks an image straight from my late teens, when I thought the world of Judge Dredd could do no wrong and that British born comic books were simply the best.

The rogue former Hondo-City judge, Shimura, was fast becoming popular and one of the staples of 2000AD’s sister title Judge Dredd Megazine, making it no surprise to see the scarred warrior gracing the cover of volume 2 issue 74, courtesy of the ever fantastic brushwork of Mr. Jason Brashill.

Powerful and never yielding despite the overwhelming odds against him, this is what a ronin warrior should be like!

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