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Jessica kicking the Punching Bag

I’m quite enjoying my punching bag hanging out front under the car port. I’ll randomly lash out at it with either a fist or foot whenever the opportunity presents, though it would seem I’m not the only one who is… Continue Reading →

Martial Arts in Action: One Hand Plant Reverse High Kick

The only real thing the one hand plant reverse or forward high kick has going for it is the element of surprise, mainly due to the fact it isn’t a commonly used technique and so your opponent might not react in the correct manner.

Martial Arts in Action: Delivering an Axe Kick

Axe kicks are a little debatable as to whether or not they are actually effective as an offense, and you often only really find them coming out towards the end of bouts as the combatants tire and their opponent’s defence lowers a little.

The House of C 009: Let Her Rip!

Just as class was about to get underway, still happily stretching in anticipation of a good bout of training, I squatted to loosen up my hears and was horrified to hear a loud ripping noise as I went down.

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