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Badges for the African Agri Indaba at the CTICC 2 in Cape Town (2018-11-27)

Last year November saw the realization of yet another successful African Agri Indaba and Agri Trade Congress Africa summit, and as is now the norm, the RegNow (a sister company of Touchwork) Kinetica platform was roped in to handle the… Continue Reading →

Printing Badges with Kinetica at the KZN Construction Expo in Durban (2018-02-06)

I got to enjoy one of those rare occasions that Touchwork sends me out of the office at the start of February, sending me on a trip to Durban for a meeting with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (whose guest survey system… Continue Reading →

Kinetica at the Cape Construction Expo (2015-08-12)

August 2015 saw Touchwork’s sister company Hypenica run their successful Cape Construction Expo at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. (As you may have guessed by the date, this continues the trend of me finally getting around to publishing articles that… Continue Reading →

Construction Expos, Sandton and Hypenica (2015-05-11)

(NOTE: Oh dear. This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder for a year now. I wrote it up at the end of May 2015, but never got around to finishing it off. Now, a year later, my birthday is… Continue Reading →

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