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Martial Arts in Action: One Hand Plant Reverse High Kick

The only real thing the one hand plant reverse or forward high kick has going for it is the element of surprise, mainly due to the fact it isn’t a commonly used technique and so your opponent might not react in the correct manner.

Martial Arts in Action: Delivering an Axe Kick

Axe kicks are a little debatable as to whether or not they are actually effective as an offense, and you often only really find them coming out towards the end of bouts as the combatants tire and their opponent’s defence lowers a little.

SA Nationals Kyokushin Tournament

This past Saturday and Sunday (7th and 8th of July) saw the hosting of the All Africa Kyokushin Selection tournament, a prestigious event which is used to select the African fighters who will represent the African continent in the Kyokushin… Continue Reading →


So tomorrow is the big day as I take part in the SAs Kyokushin semi-contact tournament. As per usual I haven’t put all that much training in, but I’m in fairly decent shape so hopefully it will go a little… Continue Reading →

A Passing Grade

Saturday saw me taking part in my second grading for this particular Kyokushin dojo I’m currently training at. For the lower belts, you can basically advance a belt colour once a year, and so to combat boredom, a half year grading was introduced which basically means you grade for a half-belt upgrade.

And once more into the breach

It seems like Ill be back in tournament action a lot sooner than what I thought. Jason Dawes (my current instructor and sensei here at the Brackenfell Kyokushin karate branch) told Anton and myself that he would be training us… Continue Reading →

The Warriors

Just in case you were even the slightest bit interested in what I do in terms of karate, Kyokushin karate will be featured for the next 3 weeks on ‘The Warriors’ sport programme shown Saturdays at 14:30 on SABC1. Apparently… Continue Reading →

Kyokushin Karate

The symbol shown to the left is worn on the front of the gi (uniform) on the left of the wearer’s chest. The symbol is Japanese calligraphy artwork for “kyokushinkai,” which is the name given by Sosai Mas Oyama to the karate style he created.

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