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Japan 2014 – 37 From Kyoto to Ina (and throw in Karaoke and an Izakaya) (2014-10-08)

Heading into our third leg of the holiday (the first being Tokyo/Yokohama, followed by Kyoto), we were now to travel to Ina, a small city in the Nagano Prefecture which is near to Komangane where the big wedding (and reason… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 33 The Kyoto Municipal Zoo in Sakyo, Kyoto (2014-10-07)

So with a Goddess of Mercy, dolphins and trains now spotted on the day, Ryan and I next decided to take a lengthy march through to the Kyoto Municipal Zoo, passing by the massive red torii gate of the Heian-jingu shrine in the process…. Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 32 Kyoto’s Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum (2014-10-07)

Umekoji Park is a large green space in rather crowded Kyoto, and thus quite popular with the locals. Of course, the newly built (2012) aquarium took quite a bite out of the space, but I have to say that as… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 31 The Kyoto Aquarium in… Kyoto! (2014-10-07)

Talk about a change of scenery. For the last couple of days Ryan and I had been taking in a lot of Kyoto’s well known ancient attractions, in other words, castles, temples and shrines, but now having both seen more than… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 30 A long walk to Sanjusangendo and the 1,001 Figures of Kannon (2014-10-07)

Having enjoyed a particularly fruitful time of taking in an assortment of both splendid and grandiose sights the previous day (a castle, a temple, a shrine, a pavilion, and a manga museum), we kicked things off on our final day in… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 29 Walking through Kyoto to the Kyoto International Manga Museum (2014-10-06)

The weather had cleared up nicely now, and having already seen Nijo Castle, the Kitano Tenmangu shrine, the Hirano shrine, and the magnificent Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) all in one day (our second but first full day in Kyoto), Ryan and I decided to take… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 28 Walking to Kyoto’s Kinkaku-ji Temple – The Golden Pavilion (2014-10-06)

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Kyoto is without a doubt Kinkaku-ji, otherwise known as The Golden Pavilion, and having already seen a castle, a shrine and cherry trees in the morning, this was definitely destined to be the big… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 27 Strolling through the Hirano Shrine in Kyoto (2014-10-06)

In Kyoto you can’t go very far without hitting some or other spiritual place, and having already been distracted by the interesting Kitano Tenmangu shrine on our way to the Golden Pavilion (following our visit to Nijo Castle), we next… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 26 Walking through Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto (2014-10-06)

Having started our second day here in the culturally rich city of Kyoto with a visit to Nijo Castle, Ryan and I then headed off on our walking tour to the next big sight – the famed Golden Pavilion. Getting there… Continue Reading →

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