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Our Wet Cement

But just in case you don’t quite understand by what I mean by wet concrete floor (or don’t believe for that matter), let me share some pictures that Chantelle and I took as proof for the complex management company

Rolling Back the Carpet

Instead, one of the copper pipes feeding into the geyser had corroded enough to from a small hole the size of a pinhead, causing a perpetual spray of water against the geyser at a rate fast enough to fill up a cup withing a minute.

Replacing Parts

Then next up is the hunt for a new bed. Andy needs her bed that we’ve been using in the flat for the last couple of years back (for her upcoming baby’s room in case you are wondering), which of course means we need to buy a replacement one. To be honest, this isn’t such a bad thing because Andy’s bed is pretty much slept through at this stage

Photo Gallery: Geyser Pipe Leak (2010-06-07)

Leaking pipes connected to your geyser always causes headaches… and damage! (This happened at Nagua Bay. Thankfully my PC’s which were kept under the desk managed to escape damage!)

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