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Review: Legion of Super Heroes (Volume 3) (2008) Animation | My Reviews 28 JUN 2012

Legion of Super Heroes volume 3 wraps up the first season of this great kid’s super hero show, bringing it home with five episodes, namely “The Substitutes”, “Child’s Play”, “Chain of Command”, and finally “Sundown” parts 1 and 2.

Continuing where the first two volumes left off, volume 3 has a young Superman who is now quite comfortable with his position in the Legion, and the first two episodes are really two fun entries, the first playing around with a team of misfits who fail the Legion draft, but end up helping anyway, followed by a tale involving a magical imp child who causes headaches for everyone in his path.

The third episode starts picking up the intensity of the storytelling, dealing with the picking of a new leader for the Legion of Super Heroes, before ending off the season on an action-packed note by having the team call in just about all their members as they battle to deal with the ultimate weapon – a sun eater device capable of destroying any star it comes into contact with!

The writing is still aimed at the younger audience, think Teen Titans which is a similar target demographic, but despite this, I found the series to be an enjoyable, light-hearted (at times) super hero romp that is fun to watch (particularly if you are already a fan of the Legion), and thus the perfect title to catch with in the company of either your young son or daughter when they finally give you a break in order to catch your breath! :)

The animation is vibrant and fun, and suits the tone of the show perfectly. Simple designs and line work, but fluid animation, good choreography, and thus quite visually entertaining. Similarly, the voice cast all do a stellar job, making for an all round enjoyable viewing experience.

In summary, well worth watching if you can find it and are already a comic book fan with exposure to either Superman or Legion of Super Heroes. Lots of fun to watch with your kids, but enjoyable enough if you just want to sit down and take in some uncomplicated super hero fare when you get a chance.

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Lee Moder: Legion of Super-Heroes #66 Cover (1995) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 09 JUN 2012

1995’s volume 4 issue 66 of DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes saw writers Tom McCraw and Mark Waid introduce a number of new characters in their story entitled “Membership Drive”, including the likes of Andromeda (Laurel Gand), Violet (Salu Digby) and Kinetix (Zoe Saugin).

Penciller Lee Moder was tasked with introducing a suitable cover for the issue, and came up with this wonderfully fun piece depicting Andromeda at her jaw-dropping best!

Covered: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 (Adam Hughes) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 12 MAR 2011

Adam Hughes just has a wonderful knack for drawing the female form, and his ability to craft the most beautiful pin-up cover girls is almost legendary.

As per usual, he certainly doesn’t let the fanboys down with this particular cover he crafted for Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes issue 23 (which was formerly titled Legion of Super-Heroes until the name change come issue 16, volume 5), placing a suitably demure pin-up version of everyone’s favourite female Kryptonian sitting on an asteroid.

She seems to like it.

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Covered: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 (Barry Kitson) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 26 FEB 2011

Despite being renamed to Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes from issue 16 volume 5 onwards, the Legion has always been one of those books that you can’t help but wonder if anyone truly cares about, and yet which always seems to be in DC’s actively published lineup. Weird.

Anyway, maybe adding Supergirl was the ticket to continue it’s success, but for me that fantastic artwork of Barry Kitson was what was holding it afloat. Despite always seeming to be a bit underrated when it comes to interior artists, Kitson’s work has always enthralled me with his square-jawed, solid looking heroes and his simple but highly effective and clean linework.

Like this cover he churned out for issue 23 with the help of Nathan Eyring. See, see what I mean about pretty lines!?

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