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And I’m back. Yes, yes, I know the blog has been ticking over in terms of at least one new post a day, but to be fair, I do have filler posts scheduled all the way up to March next… Continue Reading →

Family and Friends Update

I know, I know, I’ve been really slack over the last month or two with regards to reporting on our weekend happenings and all the goings on with our friends and family. So to make up for my unforgivable lapse… Continue Reading →

Let’s Resume then Shall We?

Okay, I guess it is time that I resume with some live life blogging again (thank you my carefully crafted blog buffer – an intricate process I might add, filled with pen marks and printed out calendar pages if you… Continue Reading →

Turning 31

Tomorrow I will be officially 31 years of age. Yup, now well and truly on the slippery slope down to eventual old age. A lot changed in one year, and from having a lot of goals in front of me, I am now down to only a handful that I can think of.

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

So we are now well into 2011, and looking back at 2010 I can’t help but wonder how on Earth any forthcoming year will ever be able to compete with what was an absolutely monumental year in my life.

My Onset-of-Adulthood Crisis

Someone pointed out to me that this really has been one hell of a year in my life. In the span of 1 year I have gotten married, tried to make the jump into management, gotten my wife pregnant, bought a brand new car off the showroom floor and am now in the process of trying to buy a house!

Death, New Life, Insurance?

This got me then thinking about how death really can strike at any time and now with all my family responsibilities, I really do need to make better preparations for that possible eventuality.

And Then I was 30

And then I was 30. So last Tuesday, the 11th of May, saw me end off my time in the twenties and enter the age of the thirties and following the awesome surprise long weekend away to the Drakensberg courtesy of a sneaky Chantelle, this was probably the best process of aging one more year that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying in absolute ages.

The Birth of Craig’s Debt and Bertie’s Moorings

As the evening stretched its legs and Chantelle found herself glued to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I rounded my weekend off by finishing Eyeshield 21 volume 4 and catching some Blade on my PC, meaning I put the perfect fanboy cap on what turned out to be a great mixture of socialising and relaxing weekend after all!

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