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How to Group Options in a Select Dropdown List

The classic HTML select dropdown list box has been with us for a long time, consisting of a container <select> tag which in turn contains a number of <option> tags which make up the list items which the user can… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Terminal: How to Pause ls Listing

To list the files and folders of a directory while running around in an Ubuntu terminal you use of course the classic ls list command. But what if the list it returns is particularly long? Is there a way to… Continue Reading →

jQuery: Change the Selected Index of a Dropdown List

To change the selected value, or selected index if you will, of a dropdown list using jQuery is not particularly difficult.

Ubuntu: Nicest Way to List a Folder’s Contents from the Terminal

This short little note is intended entirely for my own usage because believe it or not, I am somehow forever forgetting the switches needed to make the bog standard list (ls) function output something that I can easily ready.

Remove all Listbox and Dropdown List Items with jQuery

Today’s little code snippet is going to look at removing all the options from a select dropdown list or listbox, on the fly and using jQuery.

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