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When Will I be Load Shed with EskomSePush

The slickest, easiest way to currently get the answer to when will you be load shed on a particular day is by downloading the quite frankly well written local load shedding schedule app, EskomSePush. (We will all agree to look… Continue Reading →

How to Beat Load Shedding when You’re Little

It turns out that beating (or at least dealing with) load shedding is pretty easy when you are little. Simply get your dad to find and take you to the nearest jungle gym! See? :)

Android App: Know Your Load Shedding Status with GridWatch

If you live in South Africa then the reality is that load shedding is here to stay for quite a bit longer – particularly as the energy demand starts spiking when the really cold winter weather starts kicking in! So… Continue Reading →

Eskom Load Shedding Schedule

Needless to say, we’re in that horrible situation of dreaded load shedding once again, which means it is pretty handy to be able to quickly locate the Eskom load shedding schedule once those Princes of Darkness announce that the lights… Continue Reading →

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