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A Long Weekend in Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay (2018-09-22)

The Heritage Day long weekend last year saw Jessica, Emily and I take a drive up to join Mom and Dad at their holiday house in the Pinnacle Point golf estate just outside Mossel Bay. With Spring now upon us,… Continue Reading →

Building up to Easter at Bossa Social Cafe (2015-04-03)

Oops, stumbled across another small set of photos that I completely neglected to post way back in April. I’ve already mentioned what a nice Easter we enjoyed this year, complete with excited Easter egg hunt and visit to the legendary… Continue Reading →

Catching Some Z’s over the Long Weekend

The weekend before last I completely crashed. My weekday morning routine of up at 05:30 and back in bed at 23:00, combined with my early hours Jessica feed duty over weekends finally caught up with me, forcing me into bed in a state of deep slumber for most of that weekend (early nights, or should that be late afternoons!), with the only real activity being a whole heap of gardening in the hot day sun, with some blogging in the wee hours of the morning (after feeds of course).

Lean back, Feet up and Arms down

So don’t expect to see too much of me online this long weekend, nor expect to find me lurking around Gordon’s Bay anywhere. No, this long weekend (and I mean looonng weekend thanks to having booked Friday off), Chantelle and I will be dragging Retha and Miguel up with us to Pinnacle Point near Mossel Bay

The Long, Long Weekend

Well, we’re finally back from what has been an absolutely brilliant break from work, the excellent four day weekend courtesy of Easter Weekend. Unfortunately Chantelle worked every single day of my four days off, but luckily for me, I was able to sketch in some great social time dashed with a splash of personal time!

Back in the Office

So I’m back in the office today for the first time since last Friday, and before you all glare at me for having such a long time off work, it is only fair to allow me time to protest my… Continue Reading →

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