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A Mont Marie Anniversary in Stellenbosch (2019-11-08) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 10 FEB 2020

So I didn’t quite manage to get back from the USA in time to celebrate our big 10 year wedding anniversary with Chantelle (back in November last year), but to be fair I did only miss it by a single day – so hopefully not all marriage brownie points are completely lost.

Making the most of my unfortunate scheduling mishap and the onset of a very busy baking weekend for Chantelle and her Helderberg Cake Company endeavour, we decided utilize the lone Friday afternoon available to us by celebrating with a romantic lunch out in the Stellenbosch winelands.

Chantelle suggested that we head out to Mont Marie, a simple but elegant restaurant tucked away on the slopes of the Blaauwklippen Valley that prides itself on its ethos of family friendly casual gourmet dining.

Sitting on the outside deck, taking in the view over the rolling green fields, the dam, and the mountains, we tucked into the most succulent of mains, downed a bottle of excellent vino and then rounded it off with the most decadent of chocolate desserts.

Exceptionally good food, cute curious ducks, the tranquility of the setting, the slight buzz of happy patrons all around, and of course the view itself, all blended together to make for a wonderful lunch experience with this most amazing woman that I’ve been blessed to call my wife for an entire decade now.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Lunch at Getafix Garden Cafe in George (2017-03-20) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 01 MAY 2017

For some strange reason the owners of the Getafix Garden Cafe at the entrance of the Garden Route Botanical Garden in George have absolutely no qualms (or fear of copyright lawyers) around using Asterix and Obelix material for both their name and marketing material. I mean sure, ‘Getafix’ works for me in the ‘Get a fix of coffee’ like the lovely new owner duly explained to me on the day, but the Asterix and Obelix link?

Anyway, moving swiftly along, the little garden cafe is actually pretty great. It sits on the grounds of the Garden Route Botanical Garden in George, right next to the main entrance/info house and right in front of the nursery.

This then of course means that it is perfectly positioned to feed and hydrate all those who enter and exit the gardens, from hikers to dog walkers and of course all those Park Run enthusiasts that descend upon the botanical garden each and every Saturday morning.

Despite the very small kitchen space, the restaurant churns out some pretty exciting food, with the artisan touches of the owners on full display with pretty much every dish. The coffee is particularly good, and the space, as you might expect from being part of a botanical garden, pretty tranquil.

There is a lovely stretch of lawn out in front of the outdoor dining tables, complete with kids playpark equipment scattered about and a little hidden fairy grove as well.

(And yes, they do apparently cater for kids parties as well).

Back in March this year (during a Pinnacle Point long weekend break away), we found ourselves having a late lunch at Getafix, following the botanical garden walkabout that my dad and I had just completed.

Pleasingly, it was pretty good.

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The new owners have definitely turned this old place around, making Getafix now well worth the refreshments stop if you find yourself in the area – definitely a plus for George!

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Cafe BonBon Lunch at La Petite Dauphine in Franschhoek (2016-10-01) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 21 APR 2017

The third stop on October last year’s fabulous Franschhoek Wine Tram excursion (having had already tasted plenty of wine at both Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence) was La Petite Dauphine, an estate that bills itself as a guest farm – which translates then essentially to superb accommodation nestled on a historic working fruit farm, with a particularly good wine collection and some fine dining options to boot.

After hopping off the Wine Tram bus, we made a beeline straight to Café BonBon, the main restaurant at La Petite Dauphine to make good on the lunch reservation that Chantelle had earlier organized for our group.

Although you can dine in the 200 years old, restored wine cellar, we instead opted to take full advantage of the amazing weather and sat at a large table outside, where we set about investigating the mouthwatering lunch options on the menu.

Naturally, wine was ordered, conversation flowed, and mouths salivated at the food eventually placed down before us.

Surrounded by large oak trees all around, the setting is one of serenity and tranquility, and once combined with the excellent food on offer, the experience is definitely one to savour!

So yes, definitely a contender if you are looking to stop for lunch whilst on the wine tram route then.

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Next stop for us on the day though? A final tasting at La Bourgogne!

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Lunch with Retha at Wild Clover (2015-11-28) Photo Gallery 02 DEC 2015

Situated on the edge of a private nature reserve along the R304, Wild Clover farm is a smorgasbord of activities, included among which is a more than decent restaurant, a onsite brewery, large secure outdoor kids play area, cottages for accommodation, a weekly market, archery field, clay pigeon shooting facilities, horse riding, and a RC airplane landing strip!

IMG_20151128_151523 menu at wild clover on the R304

Chantelle’s best friend Retha is once again down in South Africa (she and Miguel usually come home once a year – though this time around she has good reason to be back – in a few weekends’ time it is her big South African wedding!), and as such was spending a couple of days with us and the kids.

Taking advantage of the great weather, we thought it a good idea to show her this excellent spot we’ve become rather fond of in recent times,

IMG_20151128_151345 retha vorster with jessica at wild clover on the R304

Despite Chantelle’s still throbbing toes (more on that saga later, I promise), the five of us bundled into the Hyundai Accent and made the pleasant drive through Stellenbosch until at last we pulled up at the rather bustling Wild Clover parking area.

The horses were out in their numbers and the vibes coming from the kids play area and restaurant were pretty inviting. Battling through the rather loud (pity) live music, we found a nice table in the shade and let the girls loose to go and play.

(Which of course, they didn’t. They never do exactly what you plan, in case you didn’t know that already!)

IMG_20151128_145323 chantelle and retha at wild clover on the R304

Of course, eventually everyone did get settled in, the girls sped off to play, the live music stopped which meant that the noise subsequently abated, meaning that once the delicious pizza’s arrived, things got properly enjoyable.

All in all leading to a rather pleasant afternoon out and about at Wild Clover!

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Photo Gallery: Blaauwklippen Market and Picnic Lunch (2012-04-08) My Life | Photo Gallery 08 APR 2012

We joined up with the Montgomery Clan and headed out to Stellenbosch over the Easter Weekend to check out yet another market hosted by the gorgeous Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, which has been in existence since the late 1600s! (The wine estate, not the market.)

We also organised to partake in their special Easter Sunday picnic, but unfortunately for us, the weather didn’t exactly play along, meaning that the market was held in a barn, and the picnic was shifted into their big restaurant. Nevertheless, the food was simply divine, and in the end, we all enjoyed a fantastic day out!

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Forgotten Lunch My Life 24 JAN 2012

I had to laugh on Friday, thanks to this tale of forgotten lunches.

Simon walked into the office and then remembered that he had left his lunch behind in the car. That’s okay though, the car is parked just outside the door.

Tristan walked into the office and then remembered that he had left his lunch behind in the car. Not quite so okay, because Tristan’s car is parked in the communal parking space outside of the Westlake Business Park – a good ten to fifteen minute walk away!

On hearing about Tristan’s forgotten lunch, I suddenly remembered that I too had forgotten my lunch – but the difference was that I didn’t even pack it in when I left that morning, meaning that my lunch was currently sitting – 50+ kilometers away in Gordon’s Bay!

Sigh, not exactly a competition I enjoyed winning.

Jessica is back at Last!! (Oh, and a Weekend Report) My Life 20 JAN 2012

Yay, finally Jessica is back with us, and everything is back to normal, routine and all! :)

With creché opening on Monday, this was the last week of Jessica staying with Oupa and Ouma, and to be honest, it was becoming quite tough without my little one back home with me, so by the end of the week I was seriously looking forward to finally reclaiming my daughter. However, before that, Chantelle wanted us to enjoy one last date night before the routine was back in full swing, meaning that Friday evening was spent at Somerset Mall, where we enjoyed a quiet dinner in one another’s company at the Spur, before moving on to watch the thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows.

Seeing as I am currently dragging Chantelle off on hour long walks as of late, Saturday morning unsurprisingly kicked off with yet another of our treks to the beach and back, though this one had a slight interruption as we came across a beach blockaded with bicycles and people in wetsuits – this year’s big Totalsports Terra Firma multi-discipline event thingie was in full swing in Gordon’s Bay of all places!

As a further surprise, we bumped into both my now ex-colleague David Fox (who was partaking in the event) and my ex-karate training partner James Wayne (who wasn’t partaking, but was there for the photo opportunities). After losing a bit of time in catching up with everyone, Chantelle and I then had to dash back to the house, where we had just enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes before leaping into our cars and racing off to Joostenbergvlaktes along the N1, to meet up with both sets of grandparents, plus one Jessie, for breakfast at the always pleasant Bamboo Gardens restaurant, situated in the heart of the awesome Cape Garden Centre.

The Cape Garden Centre is pretty spectacular for a nursery!

Breakfast was a leisurely but delicious affair, and Jessie enjoyed the after entertainment, as we let her touch a bunny rabbit, play with a Jack Russell puppy, and stare at a mean tempered Shetland pony on our way out.

From there it was a return down the N1 to the Montgomery Clan Stronghold, where we set about getting the debriefing from Ouma and Oupa, and launching into the arduous task of packing all of Jessie’s belongings and accessories back into the two cars, before heading off to the next stop for the day, that being my folk’s pad, where we enjoyed a lovely outdoor lunch and an even lovelier time in the pool, with pretty much the whole family (including Chantelle), getting in on the wet action!

Sunday was a completely different story though, with Chantelle and I opting to spend the day as hermits, enjoying some much needed alone time with just the three of us at home. We did venture out for lunch at Hagglunds, but this was kept pretty short thanks to a combination of sweltering heat and a niggly Jessica. Other than that, it was pretty much a case of unpacking, settling in, and getting everything ready for the about to commence routine.

View from Hagglunds restaurant

So yeah, a mixed weekend of entertainment, family and food, but certainly an enjoyable way to properly cap off the holiday season and now fully rejoin the daily grind, routine and all!

Three Years of Touchwork My Life 10 DEC 2011

Last Friday (not this one just passed!) Touchwork took some time off around 13:00 to all head out to the enjoyable upper-market Jakes restaurant in Steenberg, just around the corner from our offices. It was year-end celebration time, and of course this means a return to the whole Secret Santa setup, courtesy of Kim who always seems to enjoy the process so! :)

The 1st of December also marked the end of my third year as being a part of Touchwork, meaning I am now well and truly on my way to becoming a part of the furniture, being the longest serving full-time developer left on board, now that Dave has up and left us for greener pastures.

The whole team (which has undergone a significant swelling and then retraction over the last year) joined in for the fun, apart from poor Zac who was stranded out in England on a sales trip, right in the middle of a chilly winter fast encroaching, and more importantly the big municipal strike they were experiencing over there!

Anyway, we all squeezed in around a long table in the shaded outside court out back, and got to grips with plenty of small talk and jokes, before the whole Guess who Gave you What aspect of the Secret Santa fun. As it turned out, I was completely stumped by the gift that I received, a selection of exotic Camelthorn beers, and after running out of guesses, it was revealed that Zac had been my benefactor – I was the only one who was unable to guess correctly!

The food was absolutely divine, kicking off with a great tasting platter for starters, followed by a sumptuous steak, dripping in a Gorgonzola sauce. Dessert was their famous chocolate brownie selection.

The weather was great, the company excellent and in the end it was a long, relaxing day out for the team, something that was probably much needed considering the level of fatigue affecting everyone as the company hurtles towards the end of the year.

So thanks Rudi for a good way to cap off yet another jam-packed year as Touchwork slowly pulls itself up to the top! :)

Celebrating Claire’s 30th Birthday with a Lunch at Jonkershuis My Life 23 NOV 2011

I rather enjoyed our big Touchwork team build lunch earlier this year, held at the magnificent Jonkershuis restaurant situated in the heart of the iconic (and historic) Groot Constantia wine estate.

Thus, you can quite understand my excitement when a mail arrived in my Inbox from Claire earlier in the week, inviting the GB Lotter clan to join Riley and herself on Sunday in celebration of her 30th birthday – which as it would stand, had fallen on the previous day, i.e. the day of Jessie’s big 1 year old birthday bash!

It would seem that Jessica’s party had sucked up all the sunlight and good weather on the Saturday, leaving little other than dark clouds, loads of rain and a fluctuating temperature and humidity to deal with on the following Sunday. Nevertheless, Chantelle, Jessie and I made it safely through (thanks of course to the help from my faithful old TomTom GPS unit!), albeit 10 or so minutes late – unfortunately we were delayed due to Jessica’s first “roll off Mommy and Daddy’s bed and hurt yourself” incident! (Just a little bump on the head, nothing too serious in case the previous sentence made you gasp).

As it was, we actually rode in directly behind Dad’s Lexus, who came bearing mom, dad, Ryan and Granny Bothma! Originally the plan had been to sit outside on the terrace and enjoy lunch, but the rain had pretty much put a stop to that idea, meaning that instead the Jonkershuis staff had to create a seating for the 10 strong gathering. Thankfully this didn’t cause any problems even in the slightest, and in fact, we were given a fantastic table in the very cosy main restaurant!

It was great to have the whole family together and lots of catch up and taking in Jessica was had, before we tucked into lunch itself, picking from the fabulous varied menu that is the Jonkershuis experience. (For mains I enjoyed the most delicious and succulent of steaks I might add!)

The afternoon very much flashed by, and after just short of the three hour mark, the weather cleared and it was time to go, but not before grabbing a few more important photo shots.

So here’s to my sister on her 30th birthday – I trust you had a good one, that Riley spoiled you absolutely rotten, and most important of all – that there are still many more to come! :)

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(P.S. Thanks a stack for lunch Claire and Riley. As for the rest of you, you can check out the rest of the gallery here. Nifty.)