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MacBook Air and Xcode: Free up Disk Space by Removing Unwanted/Unavailable Device Simulators

iOS software development on a MacBook Air inevitably then means that you have a couple of Xcode versions installed on your device, and as we all know, these chew up a fair bit of disk space in the process. One… Continue Reading →

MacBook Air: How to Update Node.js

Ugh. I needed to fire up the loan MacBook Air to do an iOS compile of my recently completed Appcelerator app. Naturally, I started off on the wrong foot by not recalling the MacBook’s password (luckily I found that I… Continue Reading →

Mac OS X: Hunt Hard Drive Disk Space Hogs with Disk Inventory X

Software development tools are often quite large and clunky, meaning that software developers often face the prospect of running out of hard drive disk space on their work machines. I’m particularly fond of applications that useĀ “treemaps” to visualize disk space… Continue Reading →

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