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Reading Comic Books on an Android Tablet Comic Books | Software & Sites 06 JUN 2013

Now armed with a bigger real estate thanks to my 9.7 inch Proline Jellybean Android Tablet (which Google says identifies as a Rockchip QPAD9700), reading digital comic books now becomes a more viable, and more importantly, more enjoyable reality.

marvel comics android app

But what to read? Well, thanks to Comixology, legally purchasing comic books is now a pretty simple affair, and their excellent guided view makes it hard to argue against what is probably king of the digital comic book experience right now. With such a great platform it is no wonder that both the Big Two approached them for their own distinctive online digital comics presence, meaning that you shouldn’t be alarmed when after installing the Comixology app, the DC Comics app, and the Marvel Comics app, you notice the interface pretty much exactly the same!

The ability to search through various filters, the animated, panel-by-panel guided view, the offline storage, and ease of purchase really makes Comixology a sure fire hit.

Of course, what to do if you buddy hands you a flash drive full of bundled .cbz and .cbr comic book scans? Well in the past I was rather fond of the ACV (A Comic Viewer) app, but have since switched to the far superior and extraordinarily good Komik android app.

Komik does an excellent job of managing a file library, dual page layouts, easy navigation and a clever zoom mechanism, making it one of the best comic/manga viewer currently in the market. Highly recommended.

So that should just about cover it when it comes to how to enjoy comic books on your shiny new Android tablet then!

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Review: Hulk Vs (2009) My Reviews 05 JUL 2012

Hulk Vs Wolverine: The Incredible Hulk has been tearing a line across the Canadian countryside, leaving a swath of destruction in his wake. He must be stopped at all costs, and there’s only one man up to the job. He’s the best there is at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice. He’s Wolverine.

Hulk Vs Thor: With the forces protecting Asgard at their weakest, Loki the trickster seizes the opportunity to destroy his cursed stepbrother, Thor, once and for all. In an epic battle that pits god against monster, the Mighty Thor is forced to clash with the only creature that has ever been able to match his strength – the Incredible Hulk!

Hulk Vs is an interesting experiment I guess, in that it consists of two unrelated short Hulk battle movies, pasted together on one disc to be sold as a single animated feature film. Sure, this feels like a bit of a cheat, but when you think of it, it is actually pretty cool that for a change they didn’t cheat you by asking you to only buy one disc instead of two!

The first tale, Hulk Vs Wolverine is directed by Takuji Endo and is based on a screenplay by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle. This is very much a no holds barred slobber-knocker-fest, as for the first two thirds of its shortish runtime, the feature consists of little more than Hulk and Wolverine brutally pummelling one another (with a surprisingly large amount of blood for a Marvel animated feature).

However, things take a twist with the arrival of a couple of super villains towards the end, which adds a little more depth to the tale, and thanks to the inclusion of Deadpool, injects a little humour into proceedings.

In terms of animation, it does take a moment or two to get into the heavily stylized character designs, but the animation itself is fluid and the fights well choreographed, making for a good looking animated feature. Similarly, the voice actors used work well, and are accompanied by a decent music score to take in, the end result of it all being a non-stop guy-orientated feature, with lots of animated violence and the occasional chuckle or two to go along with this entertaining little piece of Marvel eye-candy.

The second tale, Hulk Vs Thor, is a little more cerebral than the first fight-fest, also based on a screenplay by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle, and is directed by Takuji Endo and Sam Liu.

This one sees the usual plot device of Loki attacking Asgard whilst Odin is in his Odin Sleep state, but this time around Loki manipulates Hulk into doing his dirty work for him, by extracting Bruce Banner out of the Hulk, leaving behind a rampaging monster over which Loki has some control and who pretty threatens to rip Odin’s kingdom apart if left unchecked. Enter Thor and what follows is again a great big battle movie (with less blood that the previous feature funnily enough), though this time around there are more than a few fronts on which fights need to be fought.

Certainly more serious than the first tale, but at the same time equivalent in terms of the amount of raw, untamed action you get subjected to.

The art style switches for this second feature, featuring slightly less stylized characters than in the first outing, but nevertheless stylized enough to set it apart from other animated features found on television at the moment. Again action and animation is fluid and well executed, making for a polished visual outing, complemented by a good voice acting cast as well as solid supporting soundtrack.

So in summary, Hulk Vs is an interesting experiment and well worth picking up for the short bursts of exciting comic book hero mayhem that it delivers, though you must go into it not expecting a story masterpiece to be able to get the most out of it.

A worth entry into the Marvel comic book film stable then, even if it does feel slightly out of place.

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Comic to Live: Images of Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios Comic Books 14 MAR 2011

The love interest of Daredevil, Elektra Natchios (aka Elektra) is one of Frank Miller’s best loved creations, and despite the fact that she has killed more men than just about any other character in the Marvel stable, she remains one of the more popular heroines in the Marvel Universe.

A kunoichi or female ninja by trade, Elektra is of Greek descent, and is almost never spotted without her trademark pair of bladed sai. Sided with the Hand, a sect of mystical ninja, Elektra is a particularly fearsome assassin, who finally split from her mentor group and went on to become the chief assassin of Kingpin, New York City’s premier crime lord, where her path eventually became entangled with that of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil.

She is an extremely talented martial artist with a very high proficiency in most bladed weapons. She has mastered many Japanese combat forms, including Ninjutsu and is an Olympic-level athlete, with honed abilities like strength, speed, stamina, agility and dexterity. She is resistant to pain and extreme heat and cold, and is also able to almost blend into the shadows at will.

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Comic Book T-Shirt: Wolverine Comic Books 31 JUL 2010

Another week, another comic book related t-shirt from Pick ‘n Pay that makes its way onto my shelf back home. This week’s t-shirt marvel features none other than the ultimate bad boy of the comic book world: Wolverine!

I guess not much has to be said about the short, gruff ball of muscle and attitude that is Logan, aka Wolverine, what with his jump from comic books to big screen movie adaptations. But for those of you who don’t know, Wolverine is a mutant with enhanced senses, a heightened healing ability that allows him to recover from just about any injury or illness and most iconically important of all, an adamantium fused skeleton that comes complete with three retractable claws on each hand!

This is one anti-hero who you really don’t want to make angry, even if he is primarily with those goody two-shoes the X-Men!

Bub, don't mess with me. After all I'm the best at what I do... and what I do isn't nice.

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