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First Impressions… Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) My Reviews 01 FEB 2012

I’m thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this animated version of Spider-Man it must be said, even though it is telling all the stories we’ve heard before, just this time with more of a youthful, upbeat twist to them! :)

We all know the story, puny Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider, inherits a whole heap of spider-related abilities, which together with a little technical ingenuity from the genius himself, results in a youthful new masked hero flipping and swinging around New York City!

What the writers have cleverly done is taken the original Spider-Man story-arcs, condensed them and then reconfigured such that all the important classic and current characters appear together in the same timeline, but in such away that they are still in the process of evolving into the roles we’re accustomed to seeing them in, meaning that everything still feels very new.

This has resulted in a very accessible show that both kids and adults can enjoy together, with enough familiarity to please all the closet fanboys, and enough freshness to make you want to watch these well tread stories again, even if it is technically for the umpteenth time!

Matching this upbeat and more youthful approach is a fantastic simplified animation style which believe it or not, actually works for the show, and ends up being another contributing factor to the freshness of this new incarnation. Sure the show has its serious moments and commentary to make, but thanks to the animation style you are never have to be completely bogged down by all of this, and instead can just simply sit back and enjoy with a smile on your face.

The voice cast have been well picked, and the great mix of background and theme music round off the show well, and in a nutshell, if you have kids, make them watch this, and if you are a spider-man/comic book fan yourself, then sit down and watch it them.

The cutesy visuals are misleading – this really is an enjoyable outing! :)

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Spider-man 3: More of the same Live-Action | My Reviews 06 MAY 2007

spider-man 3 movieSpider-man 3. To be honest, I’ve fallen asleep through both Spider-man and Spider-man 2, so I wasn’t giving Spider-man 3 much of a chance. The good news is that I managed to stay awake through it this time round. The bad news is that it was a perfectly average movie. It is well made, the special effects are really good, the story nicely rounded and it is had been made exactly for its intended market – i.e. as large a market as it can pull. Its basically a cookie-cutter movie made for mass consumption, something it pulls off perfectly well. The only problem is that it really isn’t brilliant. It’s nothing new, nothing exciting. It doesn’t draw you in as a viewer, and to be quite honest, you wouldn’t be missing out on anything if you give this movie a skip.

The film feels a little drawn out in places and Topher Grace (Eric from That 70s Show) is a lousy casting as Eddie Brock, i.e. Venom. Other than those two minor minor gripe, a person cant really complain about the movie whatsoever. Tobey Maguire puts in another perfectly annoying, wimpy Peter Parker performance while Kirsten Dunce reprises her Mary Jane role in the usual fluidity that she had done it for the last two times.

Honestly, this movie will most likely appeal to children the most, which to be quite honest may very well have been the target audience from the get go. – A solid movie, just nothing to write home about. 7/10, simply because I can’t find anything to fault it on.