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What is an Hash Algorithm and What are Hash Collisions?

Tom Scott, who I think is particularly adept at explaining complex computing concepts in very understandable and relatable ways, joins up with Computerphile to explain what exactly the idea behind hash algorithms are, how they can be used to confirm… Continue Reading →

MD5 Hash Prefixer and Image Size Standardiser

Two more quick and dirty applications that I needed can now be found under the CodeUnit banner. MD5 Hash Prefixer MD5 Hash Prefixer takes all the files in a specified folder, creates a MD5 hash for all the file names… Continue Reading →

Create a cryptographic MD5 hash in VB.NET

You’ve often seen these long, seemingly random numbers in secured web pages and perhaps wondered just what the heck that is meant to be. Well, usually these long numbers are hash codes, a system used to perform one-way data authentication…. Continue Reading →

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