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Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 3]

At last the grand finale. I am now finally mobile again, after having sat without my beloved Jetta Jameson for quite some time now (haven’t been to the office or even karate practice in the meantime), though I just wish my wallet wasn’t sobbing quite so loudly at her return.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 2]

Having dropped Chantelle off at work and taken the Getz through to work in order to make the interview we were conducting today, I was rather relieved to find the lifeless Jetta Jameson still standing untouched in the Steenberg Virgin Active parking lot on Tuesday morning.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 1]

Oh noes, Jetta Jameson has gone and done it again. My lifelong partner has decided to once more say bye bye to her clutch and in doing so, leave me stranded all the way out in Westlake at the Steenberg Virgin Active parking lot. Sigh.

Jetta Jameson Dies Again

Ag no man. I was so positive for a good start to this week (as indicated by the earlier post that was typed up on Sunday evening I might add). I’ve gotten enough rest, enough relaxation and am raring to… Continue Reading →

At Your Service: Update

And when I said fatter wallet, it would seem I meant it. Just got a phone call from the mechanic who listed everything that needs to be done to the car. It’s a major service and there are a couple… Continue Reading →

At Your Service

Sigh, I’m taking my baby in for a good ol’ service this morning – and I don’t mean Chantelle. Jetta is now well and truly over the 200 000 kilometer mark – and is sounding it too. So Disa Automobile… Continue Reading →

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