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Apache: Simple way to Force a Domain Redirect

I was decommissioning an old server the other day, and in the process of moving the system to a new server I learned that the old domain was in fact one that we didn’t directly control. In other words, time… Continue Reading →

Quick way to prevent your Zend Controller from handling a Folder

If you have a folder which you need to access in the standard way without your Zend Controller handling it for you (maybe a direct file download outside of your Zend web application), the easiest and quickest way to do… Continue Reading →

WordPress: .htaccess Permalinks not Working (Ubuntu)

If your freshly installed WordPress site is throwing standard 404 errors (the Apache default look and feel 404 pages mind you) instead of showing your content when accessing via permalinks, then chances are pretty pretty high that either a) WordPress… Continue Reading →

Apache Webserver: A Method to Change the Domain of Your Site

Unfortunately domain names are seldom cast in stone when it comes to commercial products, because as with most things, people tend to change their minds further down the line. If for the last three years your web application has been… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: How to Enable the mod_rewrite Module in Apache

The extremely useful mod_rewrite or rewrite module is not enabled by default on a new Apache web server install. Luckily, this turns out to be pretty simple to rectify.

Zend: How to fix the 404 Problem in a Zend Framework Project

If you have a nice and shiny new Zend Framework project all set up but are still getting nasty browser 404 errors when attempting to hit URL other than the home page (instead of the expected errors dealt out by the error handler controller), the root of your problem is actually quite simple:

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