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Of War and Heat My Life 09 MAR 2010

It’s bloody hot out here in Gordon’s Bay at the moment. But I’m sitting here, secretly hoping that the Spur ribs we’ve just had won’t give us the runs tomorrow, and thankful that we once again have running water, after Gordon’s Bay went and lost most of its supply on Sunday afternoon, leaving most of its residents without much choice but to buy up every single liter of still water that the surrounding shops could supply.

But outside of a sweltering weekend with water supply for only half of it, it was a pretty chilled and enjoyable weekend, with some time spent at the sea, some time spent behind a Terry Pratchett book, some time spent watching shows like Blade, Stripperella, Dante’s Inferno and even Independence Day. Devil May Cry 4 also fell before me as I knocked the final nail into its coffin and then got reacquainted with the lovely Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Underworld. I finally sorted out the house over at House of C, added a few posts to my growing collection scheduled posts and in even braaied a delicious hunk of fillet on a sweltering Sunday afternoon.

But it was Friday evening that was undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend. Shooting straight through to Bellville after work (though when I say shoot I mean crawl as the traffic was particularly bad), failing to locate a replacement chair for Dean at Tygervalley, I then found myself being the first to enter Damen and Michelle’s pad where I eagerly gripped the Roman’s Pizza they had organised so long and then set up my controller and created my profile, finally leaning back and awaiting the arrival of the rest of the evening’s enemies in the form of Terrance, Karl-Heinz and Dean (not forgetting Damen of course!).

We five warriors then fired up Modern Warfare 2, selected our weapons and proceeded to blast the crap out of one another for the next couple of hours, with Michelle desperately bolting herself up in her room for safety (well truthfully, she was already sleeping). Dean proved himself to be the cautious type, and not half bad with a grenade launcher, generally the weapon of choice for Picaroon Brown, though that said he once again proved himself to be far superior at these games of war than what us mere mortals are (though he didn’t score half as many knife kills as what he usually does). Damen must genuinely have been practicing because he easily occupied second place, while I was generally happy with my performance, scoring some cool rocket launcher sniping kills for a change.

Karl was however cannon fodder. (Not entirely unexpected considering this was his first time of course).

It was an awesome evening of competitive gaming once again and I must say that I really am enjoying putting the time aside this year to spend as much time with my friends as possible. In the past it was sometimes the case that I’d only see some of the guys literally every six months or so, but at the moment I am determined to make this a thing of the past, hence all these frequent gatherings I keep talking about.

It’s good, I’m enjoying it and hopefully it continues for quite some time still to come! :)

War in Nagua Bay My Life 28 JAN 2010

So this Saturday past I said enough was enough, checked that Chantelle was indeed working on the day and sent out a call to the boys for anyone who wanted to come through and join me for a day of unadulterated gaming, a braai and some Hulk Vs. viewing to round off the evening.

Eager to escape the drudgery of their eveyday lives, Damen, Terrance and Ryan all eagerly agreed to make the long trip through to Gordon’s Bay and with that (although with slightly staggered arrivals I must admit) our intense multiplayer gaming got under way.

With plenty of drinks and chips to keep our thirsts sated and our hunger pangs at bay, we tucked into the variety of games that Mr. Brown, Ryan and Damen had brought along (all my XBOX stuff is single player),  though with that said, it turned out that it was to be pretty much one single title that kept us occupied all day long:

Modern Warfare 2.

Man, what a brilliantly fun multiplayer game to hit via splitscreen on my 40″ LCD. We were soon deeply embroiled in the act of blowing the heads off one another, tossing grenades to blast the living crap out of our enemies and launching deadly predator missiles to take out the hapless bloke sitting next to you on the couch.

Despite Damen’s seemingly unstoppable skill with a the sniper rifle on the long range stages, Terrance quickly proved beyond a shadow of the doubt that he is the true champion of the first-person shoot genre, easily taking the majority of games and racking up an impressive ranking by the end of the day. Ryan surprisingly turned out to be not too useless either, and as for me… well my lack of first person shooting practice quickly became apparent.

Still, I pulled off some great kills that truly soothed my soul (the sound of a bazooka being fired from my shoulder remains a sound from the heavens to me) and by 18:00 when Damen finally had to take his leave of our little possee , my savage need for some relaxation gaming time was well and truly satisfied.

From there it was braai time with Mr. Brown and Mr. Lotter Jnr. (on which I did a great job by the way – testified by Chantelle who raved over my meaty produce) and then it was time to bunker down and haul out Hulk VS, the latest addition to my Marvel Animated Features collection.

Now the Hulk VS Wolverine segment was pretty damn awesome it must be said, but as for the Hulk VS Thor segment, I must admit to having slept through most – meaning I still kind of need to play catch up on that one! :)

Mr. Brown eventually departed and Ryan opted to sleep over, and after a couple of games of NBA in which he totally thrashed me, it was time for bed, marking the end of a Saturday rather well spent if you ask me! :P