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Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! My Life 04 DEC 2011

Wow, 35 years is a life time, so a very, very big congratulations to Mom and Dad who are today celebrating 35 years of being married to one another.

Pleasingly, they haven’t murdered one another yet.

So once again, the best of wishes to the best Mom and Dad any son could ever ask for, and here’s to hoping for many, many more! :)

A Couple of Meet and Greet with the Lotter Clan Photos Jessica 17 AUG 2011

Back on 31 December 2010, my mom and dad got to properly meet and hold little Jessie for the very first time, where else, but in our beautifully prepared nursery back at Country Mews. Finally back home with us and out of the stifling hospital environment, Jessica was at last ready to meet and greet the world!

And meet and greet she did, with even the two great grannies from the Lotter side of the family making the trip through a handful of days later, in order to say hello to the newest addition to the Lotter clan! :)

(And how lucky for us, nowadays there is always a camera on hand to capture the moment! Of course, this is rather unlucky for you, because it means that 9 out of 10 times, I’m going to feel compelled to share these snaps with you! Like now for instance…)

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Mom versus an Ubuntu Terminal My Life 20 APR 2011

I must admit, I was actually quite proud of my mother the other day, when I asked of her a near impossible thing and we came 95% close to actually achieving it!

It all started after another successful Tuesday of working from home while looking after Jessica. Having achieved a fair amount of code during the day, I happily ran a SVN commit before sleepy time and went to bed.

The next morning as I arrived in the office, it struck me like a thunderbolt that I hadn’t run a SVN add before the commit and seeing as committing via a terminal doesn’t automatically do this, I was now in a situation where some of my newly created files from the day before wouldn’t be available to me here in the office!

Now I knew mom was on Jessica babysitting duty for the day, so I took a chance and grabbed the office phone, putting a call through to our home number. Sure enough, mom picked up and after a little banter, I requested that she head for the home office and get comfy.

There I attempted to navigate her through the process of accessing the Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal menu option, changing directory to the correct working folder which I needed her to be in, running various SVN commands like info and status, as well as returning a list of files and directories within various folders.

Now to someone like me this is pretty trivial, but bear in mind that my dear old mom isn’t exactly a PC power user, never mind the fact that she’s only ever used Windows before – and now I have her running around on a text only command line terminal!


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No Break from being Social Just Yet My Life 24 MAR 2010

Wow. Serious, I’ll get around to organising another day in GB event when I get the chance boys, but before then I need my social calendar to calm down just that little bit and give me some time to breathe! ;)

It all started last week really when on Tuesday evening Chantelle and I made our way over to the cinema to catch It’s Complicated, which turned out to be a pretty fun watch. Wednesday then followed up with an impromptu visit from Retha and Miguel to our part of the world on the pretense of putting the necessary kilometers on for his new shocks. We met up at the Waterstone Village Spur after karate practice and ended up spending a good chunk of the evening dining and catching up as per the norm.

Thursday evening Chantelle and I then met up with Mom, Dad and Claire to watch the stage production of Grease at the Artscape, also a brilliantly fun bit of popular culture to absorb I tell you. Friday then saw me abandon Chantelle to her own devices (she was working in case you’re wondering) and I joined with Ryan, Dean and Terrance at Ryan’s noisy pad for some excellent Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 10 XBOX action!

(Admittedly, Saturday I took a breather, but I did work on my CodeUnit blog all day so you can’t really call that a day off, now can you? :P)

Sunday we played host to Rob and Laluna, though our planned visit to Barbados for some drinks was cut tragically short by a whole lot of yawning and snoring emanating from the instigators themselves, i.e. Laluna and Rob of all people! But I did spend two hours on the golf driving range so technically I was out and about.

Monday saw Chantelle nip off work at lunch and join me on a trip through to Durbanville where we hooked up with Trish and Karl and their peeps (including Wayne, Candice and Mr. Brown) to partake in a birthday braai bash in honour of Trish’s upcoming birthday on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got off again (though Chantelle was working a late so again  it probably doesn’t quite count), but come today it’s back in full swing, with a visit tonight to the Barnyard Theatre to catch Broadway Rocks with Karl and Trish in support of the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare group. Thursday I’m sitting without a car seeing as it is back in the shop, so nothing planned as of yet, but don’t hold your breath, Friday we’re back to being social butterflies when Wayne and Candice join us for supper here in Nagua Bay (as well as for breakfast the next morning).

Oh, and Saturday evening happens to be the Funakoshi Karate Fundraiser Ball event, meaning dress-up fun for everyone.

And then Sunday, finally a proper day off, where weather permitting I plan on sneaking out with Chantelle to some remote forest conservation area, take with some good reading materials and pack a nice yummy picnic basket.

You really can’t say we don’t deserve it! :P

Quick! A Light Bulb Needs Changing! My Life 29 JAN 2008

Just in case no one really understands why I harp on about the fact that our new family member Riley is so useful when it comes to changing light bulbs, light fittings or generally just getting stuff off the top shelf, perhaps this recent snap from Claire’s wedding in December may help.

In case you can’t figure out which one is Riley, here’s the clue – he is the one standing next to Claire (who is the one in the wedding dress in case you are still lost. Hell, just in case you need a roadmap – – from left – Ryan, Me, Riley, Claire, Pops, Mom).

Family Small
(Click on the image to enlarge)

Amazingly enough, if you look at it for a while you’ll notice that Mom and Pops were in fact impeccable breeders. They somehow managed to grow all three children to the midpoint of the difference in height between the two of them. Amazing!