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Chimpanzees at Monkey Town in Somerset West (2016-11-06)

Sometimes I don’t particularly feel like driving very far when it comes to my weekend outings with the girls, and so invariably we end up at Monkey Town, situated a ridiculously convenient ten minutes down the road from me. Founded back… Continue Reading →

Monkey Town with the Girls (2014-12-29)

Yesterday I took Jessica and Emily for a quickfire (hour long) trip down to Monkey Town, where the two of them could happily take in all the monkeys that they could possible want to. Which turns out isn’t all that… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Monkey Town and Strand Beach (2013-08-18)

A recent Sunday saw Jessica, Chantelle and myself enjoy a pleasant family day outing that saw us first go for a trip to Monkey Town (which Jessica loved), followed by a playful lunch at McDonalds (which Jessica enjoyed), and rounded… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Monkey Town Visit (2013-03-21)

Thursday was Human Rights Day and although Chantelle was forced to spend the day working in the kitchen to churn out a humongous amount of cakes and cupcakes, that didn’t stop Jessica and me heading out for a morning adventure… Continue Reading →

Monkey Town with Jessica

I tried really hard to get out and about with Jessica as much as possible over my December vacation period, and one of the trips we managed to go out on was to Monkey Town, literally down the (National) road… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Monkey Town Excursion (2011-12-28)

Chantelle and I took Jessica for an outing to Monkey Town, the first time the two of us had been there in absolute years, and most definitely the first time for miss Jess. Needless to say, she enjoyed all the… Continue Reading →

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