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Photo Gallery: Monkey Town Excursion (2011-12-28)

Chantelle and I took Jessica for an outing to Monkey Town, the first time the two of us had been there in absolute years, and most definitely the first time for miss Jess. Needless to say, she enjoyed all the… Continue Reading →

Hanging About

Sometimes I wonder if Chantelle and I didn’t produce a monkey. After all, every time I snap a quick pick of Jessica playing with a toy, she is undoubtedly hanging from it, clinging to it for all her worth, or… Continue Reading →

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

A couple of weeks ago this remarkable report appeared which tells the story of how a small monkey named Idoya made a rather large humanoid robot walk on a treadmill – using only her brain activity! And to make this story even more amazing – she was in North Carolina, USA while the robot was in Japan.

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