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TortoiseSVN: How To Strip ALL SVN Folders Out of a Project to Move it Around CodeUnit 29 JUL 2010

TortoiseSVN is actually a pretty damn good Windows subversion client that neatly integrates itself within the Window shell.

The tortoiseSVN question for today is how to I get a clean copy of one of my projects under subversion, in other words how do I get a folder with all that extra hidden SVN gunk of .svn folders and files?

Well the answer comes in the form of TortoiseSVN’s rather neat and often forgotten right-click context menu export function.

First, locate the folder you wish to get a clean copy of. Next, right-click on the folder and browse down on the TortoiseSVN context menu until you reach the Export menu function.

Clicking this will launch a dialog asking you to select a folder to export to. Once you’ve done that, the system will begin copying over your working copy folder to the newly specified folder, sans all that extra SVN junk.


And so the New Man Room 2.0 is Born! My Life 08 JUN 2010

Last weekend I kept myself rather busy, not with gallivanting around yet another luxurious guest house, playing games or watching DVDs like is the norm, no, instead I rolled up my sleeves and broke out a nice sweat as I set about stripping the current study (better known at the “man room”), and transforming the now empty back corner of our home into the new (and miniaturized) “Man Room 2.0”.

And yes, I know the baby is only due in January next year, but the way I see it the sooner I get all the big jobs out of the way (like preparing the baby room for example), the easier my life will be once the big day arrives and Chantelle is too big to help me with anything around the home in any event! :P

So out came the drill and dad’s awesome four-way laser levelling system, in went some holes, some misplaced, most in the right place, and up went the floating shelves (one new – from Builder’s Warehouse – and one stolen from the existing man room – leaving some icky holes behind!). The desk came next, then the little bedside cupboard next to it, then the electronics and various other devices, and finally my old faithful pine chair. Of course, fitting all my hardware in a now much smaller space proved to be challenging enough, never mind the fact that cabling everything together proved a little tricky thanks to the considerably more confined space I had to manoeuvre my big frame about in!

The floating shelves came out pretty nice I must say, but unfortunately the one I swiped out the man room has warped considerably since the day I first purchased it, meaning that it now sits at quite a perilous angle and has already sent a ton of books crashing down on my monitor and keyboard below, prompting the removal of everything even remotely heavy off it! (It now sits happily housing all my figurines and one or two comic books for good measure).

Finally, the telephone cable had to be ripped up and rerouted to this new location (with clear sticky tape because I was feeling a little lazy after all my hard work), but the plus side of it is of course that my XBOX 360 now has a direct connection to the Network and thus Internet, meaning that I can finally get off my butt and start setting up a proper little streaming media centre for all my devices!

Oh, and in amongst all this work I even found the time to braai for Chantelle and myself – not to mention the strength to go for a good 1 hour neighbourhood stroll on Sunday afternoon!

Talk about awesome, eh? ;)

Setting up the drill points for my new shelves...

... and the finished product, Man Room 2.0

Shorts: Move, Crash, Sleep, Birth My Life 11 MAY 2010

(NOTE: This was meant to be published last week – but thanks to a “kidnapping” of me by my wife for a surprise birthday celebration weekend away, I only get to post it now! :P)

So life has been quite busy on the work front as of late, not because of work (well okay, there have been a few crises to deal with) but more precisely thanks to our latest big move, shifting the entire operation from Unit 4 in the building down the line to Unit 1. This of course means that the dev team is no longer trapped in a box in a garage under the main office (though in fairness we did have a table tennis table to keep us occupied) and it must be said that the new office that we all now co-inhabit is a lot more airy and spacious than the previous one we came out of. I’ve got a nice seat with a good view and feeling of openness, so I’m pretty happy about the whole affair.

But man what a mission. Unlike the last time when we just moved the dev team downstairs and before that when we moved from the boss’ house (we didn’t have much existing equipment to move), this was far more strenuous and with a whole lot more heavy stuff to lug across!

Unfortunately things didn’t go all that smoothly and we’ve been plagued with connectivity issues since (which follows on the week of the frustrating Seacom debacle which also kept us offline), having lost a network card on the one proxy machine and more importantly, the diginet router, a hell of an expensive piece of equipment to replace. As it is, I’ve had to play deliveryman and pick up the replacement from a house in Somerset West, having to go there three times, the first time to pick up the router, the second time to return it to have a card in it replaced (at 22:00 in the evening!) and then one last time to return the spare cable we were loaned after the second visit! To make matters worse, there were some account stuff ups from Telkom’s side as well, meaning that this entire week we’ve pretty much kicked off each and every day with connection – bloody frustrating as you can imagine!

Oh, and the new project manager arrived. Pretty cool guy and I am looking forward to working with him as he strive to implement a more structured, agile development methodology moving forward.

It would also seem that winter is now well and truly beginning to stretch her cold limbs as we’re finally being hit with bucket loads of wind and water – which always seems to trip up the less competent drivers. I’ve already spotted two fender benders happening right in front of me because the driver behind a) isn’t concentrating and b) doesn’t increase his following distance in these wet and slippery conditions.

That said, I myself nearly put a little dent in Gina G., not because of the weather conditions but rather because of a momentary lapse in concentration. I had just pulled into a parking bay in the underground parking at the gym and was leaning over to collect my card and access keys when I realised that the car was actually rolling forward – she was still in neutral and I had forgotten to pull up the hand brake!! I jumped on the brakes and stopped her dead in her tracks, literally a centimetre from the wall and a nasty pipe which would surely have left a bit of a ding in my beloved Getz.

(Oh, and I’m pleased to announce that she’s finally becoming less greedy in terms of her petrol consumption – seems to be moving around in the Jetta’s consumption area at last!)

Now on to my completely next arbitrary topic for this quick post of shorts deals with the fact that I completely crashed on Wednesday. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately (really my own fault, so no one to blame – stupid desire to tinker on websites) and as we moved into the afternoon I suddenly found myself falling into a complete and utter state of exhaustion, literally both mentally and physically fatigued all at once. So instead of driving through to karate, I found myself turning in at our flat, where I hit the bed, woke up when Chantelle arrived home at 08:00, ate supper that she made and then went back to bed. Seriously, I have no explanation for it, but the extended period of sleep did seem to help somewhat for the rest of the week.

Okay, what next? Ah, Andri gave birth this week to a healthy little baby boy, Arum Reid Jack (I’m not sure if it is Arum like in the flower or Aram. I’ll get back to you on that one). Chantelle has already been to see the proud parents (this is their second one) and I’m sure I’ll get around to seeing the new tyke sooner than later. Shame, little Zandea seems to have recovered from her bout of illness that saw her rushed off to hospital and poor Zania spending about three nights sleeping there! But man, everyone around seems to be pregnant at the moment. Michelle (Ollewage) gave birth just a short while ago to a beautiful little boy (who looks like his dad) named David, Michelle (Oosthuizen) has just reached the halfway mark in her pregnancy, Andy has come out and officially announced her pregnancy!

So maybe it is no wonder that Chantelle and I also feel that now is the right time for us? ;)

Anyway, I think that about wraps it up for life at the moment, so now you can’t complain about not being in the know! :P

The Big Move My Life 09 APR 2008

The Fish TankSo just after a week or so of living here in Gordon’s Bay, I can finally say The Big Move is now finally over. It has been a long slog to reach this point but we are now finally at a point where we are properly settled in and feel proud enough to invite people over to our pad.

The point of this little post was to show you around our new place of stay, but because I couldn’t get Chantelle’s camera to work you are going to be given a brief verbal tour before I get on to the (far more exciting) pictorial tour at some later stage.

The kitchen is looking fabulous, all decked out in our new appliances, cutlery and crockery, complete with shiny new washing machine and a not quite so shiny dustbin (which will be replaced when we find something suitable along the way!)

The lounge and living area looks simply gorgeous, the gigantic white corner couch framing our beautiful new orange, brown and crème mat and cordoned off with our beautiful dark wood free-standing TV cabinet. The space between the couch and the kitchen counter has been filled with the variety of pot plants that we salvaged from my flat and a re-configured shelf with a vase fish tank acts as that area’s focal point.

The lounge opens up onto the ‘patio’ area which houses our beautiful dining room table and chairs, surrounded by Chantelle’s antique dark wood chest and my old book rack that I swiped from the flat. Back through the corridor we have the man room, which features all my geeky manga, books and comics stuffed on a shelf to the side of the main work space which is made up of my big ex-lounge table and my desk, slotted together to form a corner desk. This space houses my four PCs, two flatscreen monitors as well as the rest of my electronic junk, all deftly finished off by the various figurines dotted all over the place :)

The bathroom is all neat, tidy and brown, while the main bedroom is all neat tidy and… pink. Well, a shade of pink/lavender or something like that. I just close my eyes and feel my way around that room to be honest.

As you might be able to tell, I am pretty pleased with the way the place has turned out and in all honesty it is an absolute blast to be living in this space that I can only describe as being vastly superior to my old living space in Antoon Benning flats. To finally be on the ground floor, to have a patch of grass which the sliding door opens up onto, to breath that fresh sea air every morning, I can only describe it as sheer bliss. Waking up in the morning next to Chantelle, lazing through the rest of the day at home (on the days that I don’t have to travel into UCT of course), this really is turning out to be rather idyllic, a lifestyle that I am particularly suited to I am quickly finding out!

I’ve gone for short little jogs on the beach, I dragged Chantelle out for a couple of walks and pretty soon I’ll have her pinned down on the tennis court and squash court, so on the activity side of things I am certainly in a good place as well.

Perhaps the only drawback of my new heaven is the lack of my social structure here in Gordon’s Bay, but I’m not to worried about that just yet. After all, isn’t that what cars and telephone lines are for?

The Big Move has certainly come and gone – and it was definitely the change that I had been looking for in my life! :)