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How to Set MP4 Video Tags for Your iPod

Now that I enjoy watching animated television shows while I work out at gym, the process of converting my DVDs to iPod MP4 video files has begun in earnest! One of the last problems I encountered dealt with the lack of info tags on my converted files, meaning that the iPod wasn’t giving me any decent information on any of my newly added files. Enter Mp3tag – the universal Tag Editor!

How to Split a MP4 Video File for Your iPod

At the moment I quite enjoying watching television shows on my iPod while working out at gym. Of course to get these television show episodes on my little iPod, I first need to rip them off my DVDs and convert them into MP4 – which of course results in one long video file which is of no use to anyone. So how do I split my MP4 video files into episode chunks for the iPod?

Simple way to Play MP4 videos on Your XBOX 360

So you are already the master of streaming videos over to your XBOX 360 console using nothing more than Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, uShare and a UPnP, but here’s a simple little trick for playing MP4 video files on your XBOX – without the hassle of messing with MIME types or reconverting your files!

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