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Burning Tyres and an Oil Spill… My Life 04 OCT 2010

The scenic drive through to Muizenberg from Gordon’s Bay, Baden-Powell Drive (or the coastal road for those of you who prefer that title), turned out not to be particularly friendly to me last Friday, forcing me to travel both to AND from work in Westlake via the N2 on the day – and for two completely different reasons at that!

Friday morning started out pretty much as per usual, with me getting up at 05:30, getting dressed, grabbing a bite to eat and packing my bags, before leaving out the door just after 06:00. Happily travelling along the N2, I took the Baden Powell off-ramp and road slap bang into the tail of the beginning of a queue of cars, curiously held up by a row of flashing blue lights. As I edged forward I could make out that the road was pretty much blocked off and that there was a considerably larger stream of cars coming back towards the N2 than what there normally is so early on in the morning.

And for a change I caught the hint early, did a three-point turn and blasted back down towards the N2, taking the long way into work. Only later did I discover the reason for my beloved scenic route’s closure – turns out that I wasn’t the only active one so early in the morning. The locals of the nearby squatter camp had decided that the early weather was perfect for a good old protest, and so out came the tyres, petrol and matches.


As for being diverted the long way around on the way back from work, as I excitedly ran away from the office at the end of the day, hopped into my car parked at the gym and gunned it down towards Muizenburg, my ears picked up on a particular bulletin point presented in the 5FM traffic report. Baden-Powell was closed due to a truck losing its load which resulted in an oil spill blocking the way.


So another u-turn and back into the traffic as I returned to home via the long N2 road, complete with Friday afternoon traffic (which I must point out seems to be a lot better these day thanks to all the completed roadworks!)

Really. Twice in one day? What did I ever do to you Mr. Baden-Powell drive?

And it’s Back to the Grindstone! My Life 28 SEP 2009

Man, what an awesome four day mini-holiday that I’ve just come off of! :)

Thanks to yet another project deadline bungle I was offered the choice of working late on Tuesday to make a Wednesday deadline and get Friday off in return, an offer which was of course simply to good to refuse! And with the Heritage Day public holiday on Thursday, what a way to kick off a super long weekend!

I’ll break everything down into more detail when I get a chance of course, but for now an executive summary will suffice, so I’ll start things off by mentioning the fabulous fondue (held in lieu of a braai thanks to the shitty weather in GB) featuring Damen, Michelle, Rob, Laluna, Chantelle and yours truly on Thursday afternoon/evening, followed by a trip through to Ratanga on Friday with C (who turns out to be rather scared of anything remotely resembling a roller-coaster), and then rounded off with a viewing of Fame, which despite it’s excellent production values turned out to be a rather tepid and boring affair in my opinion.

Saturday Chantelle and I played tourists and went for a long drive around the Cape Peninsula and after a lunch at Fogeys in Muizenburg, ended up visiting with Claire at her offices for more than just a hour or two! Pizza treat for the Montgomery clan and then a spot of visiting with my folks, and that just about wrapped up Saturday nice and neatly.

Sunday, oh Sunday, started off with me busting up my piggy bank and laying down 11 big ones to purchase our very first 40″ Samsung Full HD LCD television, an absolute beauty if I say so myself! Then it was a quick lunch with the Montgomery clan and then off to GB where we set up the TV and got to grips with more wedding stuff, the end result being a particularly beautiful menu design and a 90% complete seating arrangement!

Oh, and did I mention that I enjoyed a healthy dose of squash battles on both Saturday and Sunday morning?

See, no wonder I’m so tired today at work! :)

ratanga junction cobra rollercoaster ride