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MySQL: Solve sql_mode=only_full_group_by Error by Turning off Strict SQL Mode

When moving an older MySQL-based project to a new server instance, one of the SQL query errors bound to immediately strike is that of triggering the sql_mode=only_full_group error, caused by your SQL select statementsĀ referring to columns that are not functionally… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: Quick method to reset MySQL root user Password

The chance of remembering your MySQL root user account password when coming back to an Ubuntu server after a long period of time is pretty much zero – after all, this is seldom a username/password combo that you actually use… Continue Reading →

MySQL: How to add a Super User administrator account

Sometimes you don’t want to expose your MySQL root user or password to a third party, but do need to give that party access to a super user or administrator account that has full control over the MySQL server instance…. Continue Reading →

How to use MySQL to Import a .sql file

Quite often I like backing my databases up as .sql files, which then comes in handy for also moving databases around, or making copies of them. The question is, given your Ubuntu server and the mysql command, how do you… Continue Reading →

MySQL: How to Change the Next Auto Increment Value in phpMyAdmin

I needed a quick fix to an urgent problem the other day, and the best solution for that particular challenge turned out to be artificially manipulating tables’ ID primary keys in order to avoid clashes in a shared table when… Continue Reading →

MySQL: Quickly Load a CSV file into a Database Table

CSV (comma separated value) files are often used as a way to transfer data between two different systems – it’s a simple, verbose, and difficult to break (if you double quote every single string of course) way of saving grouped… Continue Reading →

How to quickly install the LAMP Stack on an Ubuntu Server

If you are a web developer, then installing the Apache, MySQL and PHP stack is of paramount importance, something that becomes apparent when you look around and see how many customised LAMP and WAMP installers there are out and about at the moment.

How to Exclude Tables from a mysqldump SQL Export

When backing up or copying across a MySQL database, the command line mysqldump executable is invaluable in automating the creation of SQL dump files which can be used to create or populate database instances. Now there are a myriad of… Continue Reading →

PHP Tip for when connecting to Multiple MySQL Databases in a Project

It is not very common but sometimes you’ll find yourself working on a project that features multiple databases holding all the information we need. Now of course we know that when making an initial database connection we get a identifier… Continue Reading →

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