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How to Exclude Tables from a mysqldump SQL Export

When backing up or copying across a MySQL database, the command line mysqldump executable is invaluable in automating the creation of SQL dump files which can be used to create or populate database instances. Now there are a myriad of… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Terminal: Efficient Way to Copy Across a MySQL Database from One Server to Another

I often need to pull down a copy of a live MySQL database instance for development work on my local machine. Because my access to bandwidth is limited, I need to come up with the most efficient way of achieving this, and my method for achieving this is chronicled below – mainly so that I can refer to it when I forget!

Ubuntu: A Bash Script to Backup All MySQL Databases Running on a Server

The following bash script is written to automate the process of backing up all your various MySQL databases running on either a local or remote MySQL server, using the useful mysqldump utility to do the actual backups.

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