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Japan 2014 – 36 From Nagoya TV Tower back to the Meitetsu Bus Center (and Nana-chan!) (2014-10-08)

I’m not entirely sure why I’m posting these photos separate from the photos taken on the walk to Nagoya TV Tower and then the photos taken at Nagoya TV Tower. Nevertheless, I do have a separate folder for these, so… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 35 A jaunt up the Nagoya TV Tower (2014-10-08)

Having enjoyed a scenic stroll along the streets of central Nagoya (while we were waiting for our bus transfer), we eventually reached Hisaya Odori Park where the object of our mission resides – Nagoya TV Tower. Nagoya TV Tower is the… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 34 Walk from Nagoya Station to the Nagoya TV Tower! (2014-10-08)

So having stayed in Yokohama whilst visiting Tokyo, then moving on to Kyoto via bullet train, time had now come to move on to the third and final leg of our journey – a stay in Ina, a small city… Continue Reading →

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