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The Big Sell

Believe it or not, Yesterday marked the end of the sixth year that I’ve lived in the wonderful little coastal town of Gordon’s Bay. Six years of living close to the sea, but miles away from friends, family and work…. Continue Reading →

How to Spot Someone working from Home

No wonder the whole of Nagua Bay would know when I was working from home on any particular day – just spot the lonesome car out in the parking lot! :)

Photo Gallery: Nagua Bay Complex (2010-08-29)

Andy’s flat in the Nagua Bay complex was our rented home for a couple of years, and more importantly, the first place where Chantelle and I lived together under one roof, meaning that it will always have a special place… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Geyser Pipe Leak (2010-06-07)

Leaking pipes connected to your geyser always causes headaches… and damage! (This happened at Nagua Bay. Thankfully my PC’s which were kept under the desk managed to escape damage!)

Photo Gallery: Making Pizza (2010-05-13)

There is nothing better than making your own pizzas, even if you don’t have a proper pizza oven! And yes, it tasted as good as it looked! :)

Photo Gallery: Braai with Trish and Karl (2010-01-02)

What better way to start off the new year by enjoying a braai under the sun with good pals Damen, Michelle, Karl and Trish? :)

Photo Gallery: Chantelle’s Birthday (2009-12-06)

The following pictures were taken at our Nagua Bay pad during the friends get together, as well as the subsequent lunch with her folks in Franschhoek, in celebration of Chantelle’s 29th birthday!

The Big Move

So just after a week or so of living here in Gordon’s Bay, I can finally say The Big Move is now finally over. It has been a long slog to reach this point but we are now finally at a point where we are properly settled in and feel proud enough to invite people over to our pad.

Weekend in Review: Saturday (14-16 March)

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, immediately getting to work on stripping my flat down even more, making it look more and more like I am in fact squatting and not living there at the moment.

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