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How does a Baby Nappy (Disposable Diaper) Work? Science, Technology & Curiosity 26 JUN 2016

A disposable baby nappy is actually quite a cleverly designed product, the current iterations consisting of five different layers, each with its own specialized role to play. Furthermore, the superabsorbent polymer in the diaper’s core is unbelievable in terms of its ability to soak up massive amounts of liquid!

hand changing a baby nappy

EngineerGuy, otherwise known as engineering professor Bill Hammack, is a well known science and technology documentarian who has gone ahead and put together this very informative video on what is quite an… absorbing topic:

As much as I moan about the cost of nappies, these brilliant little things really do make life with a baby/toddler so much easier!

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Well, at least it is a Puddle and not a Sprinkler Emily 10 JUN 2015

Emily didn’t have the greatest of sleeps last night – so it goes with little ones I guess – and it certainly took a little longer than usual to get her out of her cot this morning. Given our tight time schedule (Chantelle working an early, meaning that she needs to be in at the work at 08:00, which in turn means that while she gets ready I need to pack the bags and lunches, and get the kiddies ready for the day), I gently woke Emily up, lifted her out of the cot, carried her over to say a sleepy hi to Chantelle and Jessica, before returning to the room to get my still sleepy baby dressed for the day.

Arming her with distracting fluffy toys, I laid her down on the changing mat, removed her pajama pants and full nappy, cleaned up and got ready to put the replacement nappy on.

Which is the exact point that my hand and foot were all of a sudden warm and wet.

Sigh, at least there is one advantage of having a little girl as opposed to a little boy – I only have to deal with puddles and not sprinkler systems! :)

baby bum in nappy on a yellow changing map

And as an extra bonus, Chantelle snapped some pictures of Emily’s amazing head of bed hair this morning – just to give you an idea as to how very much asleep she still was this morning:

baby emily lotter in pajamas with her tousled bed hair 1

baby emily lotter in pajamas with her tousled bed hair 2

I empathize with you my girl. When its dark like this in the morning, who wouldn’t still want to sleep a little more! :)

Fun Fact: Babies Mess on the Floor when they aren’t wearing Nappies Emily 19 MAR 2015

It’s a well known fact that the reason we are forced to put nappies on babies’ bums is because if we don’t, well then they tend to mess up all the floors with all manner of wet and sticky deposits.

Sadly, this fun fact is something that slipped Chantelle’s mind on Wednesday morning, as I am now about to elucidate.

After a long and good night’s sleep, Emily at last woke up, ready for a brand new day. Of course, she first needed to cry out in order to summon us, and on this fateful morning, Chantelle heeded that call. Picking Emily up out of the cot, Chantelle could smell a stinky poo had already previously erupted, and as such it was straight out of the cot and up onto the changing mat.

In the blink of an eye, the nappy was off, the icky sticky deposits wiped off, and the fanny gleaming with its new found wet wipe cleanliness.

However, it was exactly at this point that Chantelle made her mistake. Thinking it an excellent idea that Emily get some fresh air on her nether regions – you know, to allow everything to breathe – she opted not to immediately put a nappy on and instead placed Emily down on the carpet, confident in the fact that based on the nappy she had just taken off, no bodily functions would be erupting any time soon.

Of course, about 30 seconds later there was a light puddle on the carpet.


In one swift motion Chantelle promptly swore, picked up Emily, and deposited her in the lounge on the tiles by the TV, in order to start the carpet mop up operation.

At last, with the carpet saved, Chantelle triumphantly emerged from Emily’s room, only to look down in horror and find Emily standing above another yellow wet spot – and a pile of freshly squeezed poo.

What a wonderfully entertaining start to the morning for me and Jessica I tell you…

emily lotter baby eating pancake and looking mischievious

The Fountain of Jessica Jessica 08 JUL 2011

Ha ha, that little smiley rascal of mine went and played a nasty little trick on Daddy the other night.

Come evening I collected my soft and cuddly bundle of joy up from the activity mat, took her into her room and deposited her squarely on top the changing sponge (which is on top of the compactum) in order to prepare her for her (almost) nightly bath.

I carefully removed all of her clothes, tickled her tummy, played with her nose, and then gave her the ever popular Mr Springy Bee to play with as I proceeded to get the bath water and towel ready for splash time.

Finally, I removed her nappy and proceeded to dispose of it in the bin. However, as I turned around from throwing the stinky offender away, there was the little naked Jessica lying on her back, huge smile on her face and a miniature fountain spewing up into the air, as the pee pooled around her and quickly trickled down the drawers of the compactum, pausing for just long enough to enter each and every drawer and wet at least one item.

All while she had the biggest smile you have ever seen on her face.

She does this on purpose you know, I’m sure of it!