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How does a Baby Nappy (Disposable Diaper) Work?

A disposable baby nappy is actually quite a cleverly designed product, the current iterations consisting of five different layers, each with its own specialized role to play. Furthermore, the superabsorbent polymer in the diaper’s core is unbelievable in terms of… Continue Reading →

Well, at least it is a Puddle and not a Sprinkler

Emily didn’t have the greatest of sleeps last night – so it goes with little ones I guess – and it certainly took a little longer than usual to get her out of her cot this morning. Given our tight… Continue Reading →

Fun Fact: Babies Mess on the Floor when they aren’t wearing Nappies

It’s a well known fact that the reason we are forced to put nappies on babies’ bums is because if we don’t, well then they tend to mess up all the floors with all manner of wet and sticky deposits…. Continue Reading →

The Fountain of Jessica

Ha ha, that little smiley rascal of mine went and played a nasty little trick on Daddy the other night. Come evening I collected my soft and cuddly bundle of joy up from the activity mat, took her into her… Continue Reading →

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