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An Easy WinSCP alternative in Ubuntu CodeUnit 20 NOV 2010

I make heavy use of WinSCP to transfer project files across to our production servers from my Windows development machine. Recently though, I needed to switch to my Ubuntu machine here at home to carry on with my development, and needed a quick replacement in order to easily get my files across to the live servers as I would with WinSCP – in other words something with a similar functionality and more importantly, a GUI.

Turns out Ubuntu comes standard with a great solution, one you might never have noticed to boot!

Access the Place menu option from you main System Menu. Near the middle you should see a menu item entitled “Connect to Server…”.

The connect to server dialog

Clicking on this will bring up a server connection dialog. Select SSH connection from the dropdown list and fill in the necessary remote server details as required.

Connect and nautilus will then take over, displaying you a folder view of the files on the server. Next it is a matter of pressing F3 to load an extra pane to the view, and there you have it – a perfect side by side folder view that allows you to painlessly pull files across, just like you would have if using WinSCP!

The side-by-side view you'll end up with


Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Terminal Quick Launch by Right-clicking! CodeUnit 27 JUN 2010

If you want an even quicker way of launching a terminal command line window outside of navigating to the Applications menu, selecting Accessories and then clicking on Terminal, then the excellent little Nautilus extension named nautilus-open-terminal is most definitely for you!
To install, simply run:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal

The extension will then download and install itself. Once done, you may need to either restart Nautilus or log out and back in again, but once you’re back, you will notice that right clicking on any folder will bring up a newly extended context menu, with the proud little command “Open in Terminal” blinking back at you from close to the bottom of the menu!

Clicking it will then launch a fresh terminal with the path set to that of the folder you clicked on, making it a snap to open a terminal and immediately work within the folder you wanted to!


Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Simple Resize of Images by Right-Clicking on It! CodeUnit 26 JUN 2010

Seeing as we are all using Ubuntu/Gnome’s powerful Nautilus file manager, a particularly quick and easy way to resize or rotate images by simply right-clicking on them comes courtesy of the extremely handy little Nautilus-image-converter extension.

Installing this extension and then restarting nautilus (or simply logging out and then back in again), reveals two new right-context menu options available when clicking on an image file’s icon, namely “Rotate Images…” and “Resize Images…”. Selecting either one of these options brings up a dialog which then allows you to simply either rotate the selected images or resize them to the dimensions of your choice – without having to fire up an external application like GIMP for example!

To grab the helpful little extension, simply run the following from your terminal:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-image-converter

Simple as that! :)