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A Weekend of Tygervalley, Newlands, Blaauwklippen and Mondeor! My Life 22 MAR 2015

As always, last weekend was plenty entertaining for Craig and his little girls. With Chantelle working, it was up to us to go exploring, and as such, Emily, Jessica and I found ourselves making the trip through to Bellville to spend a large chunk of Saturday morning browsing around the Tygervalley Shopping Centre, darting in and out of toy, book and clothing stores – much to the delight of young Jessica it must be said.

After a refueling stop at the Tygervalley McDonalds (Jessica had pleaded for a hamburger), we travelled through to Mom and Dad’s pad where Jessica and Emily were to spend the next couple of hours alone with mom, seeing as I was joining Ryan and Dad for the big Super Rugby game at Newlands between home team Stormers and the visiting Chiefs. Traffic was heavier than usual (or as Ryan would put it, we left later than what Dad wanted to because I made myself a cup of coffee first), the result of which was that the stadium was already making a lot of noise by the time we finally parked our car!

stormers versus chiefs 2015 super rugby at newlands stadium

That said, I don’t think arriving a little earlier would have made any difference anyway – lines to get in through the various stadium gates were crazy – it would look like the new ticket scan system is slowing down access into the stadium badly, resulting in a lot of angry people in the process!

ronnie lotter, ryan lotter, and craig lotter watching the stormers at newlands rugby stadium

Anyway, it took a little longer than expected to find our seats, but once we were sitting and settled in, we were treated to an awesome first half spectacle of the Stormers dominating the Chiefs in the scrums and just a tight, exciting game in general. Newlands had a little earlier paid tribute to the heroic firefighters who had been involved in those massive fires just a few weeks earlier, and so there were quite a lot of men in uniform dotted around the stadium. In addition, high school Stellenberg had a contingent of students doing high school track meeting flashes/cheers, which was a bit weird to see at a rugby game, but good for the atmosphere anyway!

super rugby stormers versus chiefs steven kitshoff running with the ball - newlands march 2015

Sadly, come second half and things changed badly for the Stormers – despite the lovely cheerleader girls doing their best to motivate the boys on, the Chiefs turned up the gears and with their superior handling and running down the wings, gave us a proper hiding and lesson in how good rugby should be played.

super rugby dhl stormers cheerleader girls in red hotpants at newlands rugby stadium 3

So that was saddening and disappointing to say the least. After all, I only go to the rugby stadium like once every 1.5 years or so, and so to finally go and then lose is quite depressing as you can imagine.

Anyway, the ride home was a lot smoother and quicker than the ride to the stadium, and after some visit time back at Spolander street with Mom, Dad and my little girls, it was in the car and back to Gordon’s Bay to close off what had been a pleasant Saturday after all.

IMG_20150315_130427 jessica lotter standing in front of silver classic car

Sunday was another glorious day in terms of weather, and so I took Emily and Jessica through to Lourensford Market for some pancake time. However, the closer I got, the more  and more signboards signboards appeared that pointed out that today was the day of the big Getaway Expo held at the Lourensford grounds, meaning a snap decision was made to avoid the massive crowds, parking headaches, and bumper to bumper traffic, and instead make a sharp turn, amble leisurely through the leafy glades of Somerset West, before hitting the R44 and driving down to the always enjoyable Blaauwklippen market instead.

Interestingly enough though, it turned out that Blaauwklippen had decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s day a little earlier than the official date (Tuesday 17 March), and as such everything was decked out in green and a lot of Irish music and culture was on display – which doesn’t really make much sense considering the fact that I don’t think Ireland has that much representation down here in South Africa?

IMG_20150315_135131 emily lotter eating a pancake at blaauwklippen market

Not that it matters though, the girls and I enjoyed the vibe, and Jessica was particularly enthralled with the duo of Irish dancing girls that entertained the crowd with all their kicking and flailing about.

IMG_20150315_141420 jessica lotter watching irish dancing girls at blaauwklippen

The pancakes were good, the girls had fun, and Jessica has already booked a horse ride for the next time that we return – which in itself is something rather amazing given her general fearful nature!


From there we were summoned to come through to the Mondeor Garden Restaurant to meet up with Monty and Cheryl who were driving through from Bellville in order to meet us for a cup of coffee (Chantelle was busy finishing up her shift for the day – i.e. this was all her sneaky plan for some coffee and cake time), which is then exactly how the rest of Sunday afternoon was spent.

IMG_20150315_163238 jessica lotter in the sky on a trampoline at mondeor restaurant

The carrot cake was particularly delicious.

IMG_20150315_163507 emily lotter in the swing canoe at mondeor restaurant

In other words, yet another activity packed weekend for Craig and his girls done and dusted! :)

Newlands and the Door of Death My Life 18 APR 2013

Last weekend I got to go to Newlands Rugby Stadium with my brother and my Dad, to watch the Stormers take on the visiting team of the Sharks in a Super 15 campaign match-up. Now I haven’t been to Newlands for many a year, the last game that I remember attending was probably a warm up game between the Stormers and visiting English side Saracens, but who knows just how many years ago that was now!

We arrived in Newlands with plenty of time to spare, and after locating our seats which happened to be quite high up on the Railway Stand, we killed time by heading out to the passage and having a something to drink whilst discussing Bitcoins, the economic topic of choice at the moment it would seem.

2013-04-13 17.30.39

Up until now the Stormers haven’t been having the greatest of seasons, and so I must admit that I was quite surprised to see that regardless of the team’s current performance and injury woes, Newlands Stadium was packed out, even if the majority of people only seemed to find their seats literally as the start whistle was about to go! It must be said though, the weather for the game was absolutely perfect, no wind, no rain, no problems with the floodlights – in fact, the only environmental issue I needed to deal with was the glare of the setting sun, but seeing as that didn’t last all that long I can’t really complain about it! (Besides, I had been warned about the possibility but had chosen to ignore the advice. Silly me.)

The Stormers Dancing Girls were out in full force as per usual, though this time they had also been tasked with carrying out Newland’s whole #respect campaign, basically to try and curb the notorious behaviour of the local crowd which had generated such negative headlines a week or two before. The campaign took the form of adverts playing on the big screen and the girls holding up big placards at the appropriate time, which was a little ironic because at the end of a day you had a good looking girl in a revealing, exploitative costume, holding up a sign reading “#respect”. Well, it was amusing to me anyway.

As for the rugby itself, man were the boys out to entertain. The Stormers led from start to finish in what was a bruising encounter, and although the game got pretty tight at times, the Stormers held on for what turned out to be a convincing win, with no sign of their current campaign failures affecting their game whatsoever.

Brilliant stuff, and in the end, a fantastic piece of entertainment and well worth the admission fee it has to be said. Plus, my team won, so all is good! :)

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On our way out of the stadium (and exiting the high levels of the Railway Stand really is a lesson in how not to make a spectator feel welcome), I had to stop and take a picture of this ill-placed doorway, which would make a fabulous ‘genius’ post on 9gag now that I think about it.

2013-04-13 19.03.03

Seriously, do architects get paid by comedy/action movie houses to include this sort of thing in their structures so as to provide comedy gold sometime in the future?

A Better Late than Never Update My Life 19 FEB 2013

I’ve been a little absent from these pages the last little while, so sorry for that.

Other than the little bit of rain we enjoyed two weekends ago, it has been pretty uncomfortably hot and humid here in Cape Town over the last while, meaning that I haven’t exactly been quite as active as what I maybe could have been.

Nevertheless, I have over the last couple of weeks visited with both my folks as well as my in-laws, I’ve discovered HeroClix at Ryan’s pad, I’ve enjoyed Panarottis with Ryan and then marvelled at Jenna Viva with Chantelle for a Valentine’s Day luncheon. I’ve battled Robert in Blur and Ryan in FIFA, fought alongside Ryan in Army of Two: The 40th Day, and not to mention caught the awesome History Channel documentary entitled “South Africa: Miracle Rising”, which was enough to make my chest swell up in pride at what we’ve achieved, but in the same breath also cringe with sadness when confronted with some of the dark acts that South Africans are sometimes capable of doing.

I ran a successful Hathersage market while Chantelle stayed home to bake (not to mention collect a speeding fine or two on her many travels through Stellenbosch to Franschhoek), and on the Touchwork work front, I’ve pretty much not had a lunch break in who knows how long now, so much is my current workload! (Though I did get a small raise which of course was mucho appreciated.)

south africa versus pakistan - proteas test match at newlands cricket stadium

I’ve watched Wreck-it Ralph with Chantelle on a date night and then enjoyed a day off from Chantelle and Jess by spending a Saturday at Newlands watching the third day of South Africa versus Pakistan test match in the company of Ryan, Dad, Andre and Jean-Chris. I’ve braaied, gone out for ice cream on the beach, bought Lollos and Barney the Dinosaur DVDs from the mall for Jess, not to mention the fact that I switched gyms back to the Virgin Active in Somerset West in the hopes to spur on a few more sessions than what I’m currently capable of doing, thanks to all my paying work!

And I assume that I’ve already mentioned just how much Army of Two I’m currently playing with Ryan every night. (It’s a good game. Seriously, seriously addictive and enjoyable. Just in case you were wondering…)

So not particularly active when looking back at this list I suppose, but one thing that is certain is that you really can’t accuse me of just sitting around and doing nothing, now can you? :P


valentine day dessert at jenna viva

(Oh, and I’ve even gone and tinkered a little with my blog layout again! Sorry if anything broke.)

Photo Gallery: Lunch at Claire & Riley’s New Pad (2010-04-04) My Life | Photo Gallery 04 APR 2010

Claire and Riley’s Newlands flat renovations were finally complete, resulting in the Lotter Clan being invited over for a nice lazy lunch. Unfortunately Chantelle was working so she couldn’t tag along, meaning I needed to drag the camera with and take as many pictures for her as possible!

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Weekend in Review (11-13 April) My Life 14 APR 2008

Schalk BritsIt was another long slog into the office on Friday morning, but thank goodness the traffic was plain sailing and it wasn’t much of a headache to get to the office. What was a headache though was arriving right in front of the office door and then remembering that you had left your phone in the car, all the way back on Middle Campus, meaning you had to go back and repeat the torturous ascent again. Wonderful. :(

Luckily the rest of the day proceeded on a far better note mainly because I only got to work in the office until just before 12:00 because from 12:00 onwards I had a very important meeting with the newly established UCT Web Working Group in Welgelegen, the home of UCT’s Department of Communication. The meeting itself was pretty informative with a broad cross section of different web-based UCT groups being represented and it was a great platform for the cross-border exchange of information. The meeting ended a little earlier that what I had expected though and seeing what looked like load shedding going on at Upper Campus, I decided to ditch work and go home in order to install my shiny new R8 000 work-bought copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 instead.

Back home I was however greeted with the distasteful prospect of fishing our first dead fishy out of the tank and flush him, but with that task done and a quick lunch later, it was behind the keyboard for the rest of the afternoon for me. Chantelle got off a little earlier too, and after a power nap that she almost didn’t arise from, we got dollied up (me in my beautiful blue and black striped shirt that Chantelle surprised me with earlier in the day) and left for Bellville once again, this time our target being the University of the Western Cape.

It is not my scene in the least. An activist organised event in support of the Cuban Five struggle, the focal point of the evening being the relaunch of Brian William’s Cuban inspired poetry book, “One Renaissance many Revolutions”. The ambassador from Cuba was there, a couple of our struggle icons were sitting in – heck, even Judge Desai was present and had a speech going! And anything where trade unions are present and they end off in song and chant “Amandla” is not my cup of tea anyway. In any event, we were with a purpose and that was to support Retha who had been asked to recite some of the poems from the book. Of course, we would never leave our friend hanging and therefore were present and accounted for in a surprisingly packed auditorium.

Like I said, for me the evening was all about counting the bricks in the wall, but for other more cultured people I’m sure it was a treat. There were a couple of speeches, a lot of poetry being read as well as quite a few musical items to take in. After everything was said and done, it was finger food time outside and once the crowd subsided and the food had all but disappeared, we decided it was time to pack our bags and make our way out to Buena Vista in the Tyger Waterfront.

Luckily for us we were actually able to secure a table for seven in the busy, latin-inspired venue and settled in with cocktails in hand and some nachos for support. In all honesty the tiredness from the previous nights settled in a little and I didn’t enjoy the evening as much as I should perhaps have, but Chantelle managed to finally get to smoke her nicked authentic Cuban cigars so it was all good. By midnight enough was enough and we bid Retha and her pals a good night and it was back on to the long road home.

Saturday morning I was up and faffing around in the man room, leaving Chantelle to sleep in a little later than normal. On making my breakfast however, I was horrified to see that two more of our fishies had bitten the dust overnight, leaving only two out of the original five standing. Talk about being bad parents!

As I was saying, I let Chantelle sleep in for most of the morning and when she finally awoke I rewarded her by putting her straight to work in cleaning out the fish tank and neatening up the place a bit in anticipation of Retha’s arrival later the evening. As it was, my sleeves were also rolled up and I got stuck into baking the welcome chocolate cake that we had earlier decided upon.

We didn’t have all that much time to get everything done, because at 13:30 we were out of the house and on our way to Newlands to catch the Stormers versus the Cheetahs game at 15:00 in the afternoon. The trip was plain sailing until we hit Main Road Rondebosch and from there on in it was bumper to bumper traffic, all the way to the stadium! From the news reports on the radio we later learned that both the M3 and N1 were backed up, the N1 all the way back to Century City! Luckily we made it to the stadium on time, although we did have to park quite some distance away and by arriving on time I mean we arrived as the dancing girls ripped off their long pants and led the players on the field! Still, we were in our seats at kickoff and that is all that counts :)

Unfortunately the guys at Computicket had misled Monty just a little and although we had a decent enough view of the field, it wasn’t exactly the greatest seats in the stadium, being tucked up right next to the wall and underneath the higher seating tier. In any event, all eight of us (yes eight! Monty, Cheryl, Dad, Mom, Ryan, Retha, Chantelle and I) managed to squish into the little line of seats and sat in anticipation as the game got underway.

All I can say is WOW! The Stormers played magnificently and to get four tries in the first half while making the Cheetahs look like they weren’t even trying to play was amazing. Completely in a class of their own, the Stormers gave the Cheetahs a good hiding and there were some VERY quiet Cheetahs fans all around us. And of course our whole crowd being in such good spirits, the whole area around us was soon echoing with calls of ‘Stttoooorrrmmmmers’ throughout the match. The only cost to me of course was that I then had to walk around for the rest of the weekend without a voice!

At this point in my story, I would just like to note that I am not sure just how much of the game Chantelle and Retha actually took in. Every time I looked the two of them were deep in conversation and when I looked again, the two of them had disappeared for a smoke break and the shops, only to reappear well into the second half! And shame, Monty had to miss two awesome tries for the Stormers thanks to Cheryl sending him off on a coffee mission right at a crucial stage of the game!

It was a great game to watch and I think it marked the first time we’ve actually won when Chantelle has been to watch the game, thankfully breaking that curse at last. The trip home was a bit of a nightmare though thanks to the heavy traffic out of Newlands, but Retha, Chantelle and I eventually made it home safe and sound, where we got stuck straight into icing the cake so that we could sit down and relax ASAP.

After an afternoon of mostly chilling, the girls headed out to forage, eventually returning with the fantastic chicken burgers from Flameros for supper and an unfortunate movie choice in form of “Reno 911!: Miami” – definitely a movie where you have to be drunk to actually find funny or watchable for that matter. Nevertheless, my dire warnings fell on deaf ears and the three of us hunkered down to end off the evening by watching this most un-entertaining movie, all the while munching on cake, burgers and chocolate for dessert. What more can one ask for I tell you! :)

Sunday thankfully got off to a slow, slow start, thanks mainly due to the fact that I had pulled out of my golf date in Worcester with dad and his buddies, opting to stay indoors instead. Having driven around since Wednesday already I simply didn’t feel like it any more and as such just wanted to take the day off and do absolutely NOTHING at all. So while Retha and Chantelle soundly slept on, I played FIFA 08 all morning long, stopping only when those two sleepyheads finally arose and we set about making some French toast for brunch.

Actually, even after Retha had left, that was pretty much all that I did. FIFA, FIFA and more FIFA. I finished my first season with Totteham and went straight on to my second and if Chantelle hadn’t dragged me out to go shopping with her I might very well had played straight through to the night! But thankfully it was just as well that I didn’t because she later introduced me to one of the most marvellous feel good movies that I’ve seen in ages, that being “Little Miss Sunshine”, a definite must see for everyone who can appreciate a good movie!

And that was pretty much that for Sunday. The only other thing we got up to was teaching Chantelle a kung fu form at 23:00 on the lawn outside (much to the amusement of the passing security guard and to the detriment of my buggered knee) and catching the end of the second Matrix movie and actually following it for a change, something I failed to do all those years back when I was snoozing in the cinema :)

A busy Friday, a semi-lazy Saturday and an extremely lazy Sunday – I’m not quite sure how I should score this one…