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News Desk: Irony and Helmets General Nonsense 06 JUL 2011

A stupid way to die, and even a more stupid way to demonstrate that what you were protesting against is idiotic:

Police say a motorcyclist participating in a protest ride against helmet laws in upstate New York died after he flipped over the bike’s handlebars and hit his head on the pavement.

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Moral of the story: Wear your stupid looking helmet whenever you get on anything that has only two wheels!

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Eyes Forward General Nonsense | Jokes & other Funny Stuff 12 FEB 2008

UrinalThis fun little news article was published a little earlier on IOL News:

Wellington – A New Zealander ended up in court after punching a man over a breach of urinal etiquette.

Edward Aldridge, 47, punched his victim twice after he used the urinal next to him in a pub in Christchurch. Aldridge accused his victim of looking at him, reports Metro.

Speaking in his defence, Counsel Liz Bulger said: “This incident arose from what I understand to be urinal etiquette. When the victim spoke to the defendant he was effectively smirking. The defendant was outraged.”

Sentencing Aldridge to 50 hours of community service, Judge Raoul Neave said: “This is exactly the sort of behaviour that makes people afraid to go to town.”

As silly as this article sounds to you female readers out there, there is in fact an unspoken urinal etiquette that applies across the world to every male apart from Nigerians and other Africans who generally have no concept of personal space in the first place.

You always head to the urinals on the side or second from last first. If there are other urinals open, you never approach a urinal directly next to another one that is currently in use. If you are forced to use a urinal next to one that is currently in use, you may not look at the person next to you. You are to face the front and continue facing forward for the duration of your business. You man never, repeat never, look towards another man’s crotch. You may also not strike up any conversation whatsoever while using the urinal. When finishing, no vigorous shaking of your appendage is allowed. Splash fallout is not tolerated will likely be punished by a swift beating from other patrons.

So you see, it is quite a strict and specific code we men follow and I can understand the defendant’s actions towards the offending ‘smirker’. So while Mr Edward Aldrige might not have the best tools available to him, at least he is good with his hands!

And as a little extra to this random entry, I’ve decided to show you what is currently considered ‘hot’ in public restroom design: wall art.

Hot stepping General Nonsense 29 AUG 2007

So according to the news report linked below (Related Link), there is now a new reason to lose weight here in our beloved(?) South Africa.

For years we’ve been told to lose weight because of its health complications, or because of its self-image impact or simply to fit into the ever decreasing in size new car models (Don’t include the Dodge in that last statement – that thing is mean big).

We’ve forsaken oily, fatty foods for healthier (read bland) alternatives and taken to road running, cycling and gyms like sheep to a green pasture. All this to feel good and look sexy to the opposite sex.

But thanks to the article below, we now have another reason to go for thin – the ability to narrowly dodge bullets!

The article tells of a Pretoria man that confronted an intruder on his property. As he moved to strike the intruder, the intruder fired a shot at him, the bullet of which narrowly missed his skinny leg, leaving a big hole in his jeans and the car’s diff (The car didn’t make it – it was probably a Dodge. A little Atos might have survived).

So as his wife says, Viva to skinny legs for all!

male legs in jeans

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