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New Colours for the Girls’ Room and the Braai Room (2016-05-18) My Life 24 MAY 2016

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Kaylan from Creative Designs All Sorts was hard at work transforming two of the rooms in our house, namely Jessica’s room (which is now Jessica and Emily’s room) as well as the Braai/Dining/Office room (which in its previous life was a garage).

Chantelle planned and orchestrated this whole thing, picking out the colours of Garnet and Safari Tan for her Dining Room transformation, while going for the more traditional pink and purple for the girls’ room.


Oh, and don’t forget the stripes!

The process was more messy than what I might have liked, but you certainly can’t fault the end result. After lots of hours, a few battles with paint not covering a wall, and loads of masking tape, the two rooms are looking rather fetching indeed!


Money well spent I reckon!

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A Fresh Coat of Paint for the Dining and the Girls’ Rooms My Life 20 MAY 2016

Chantelle is currently enjoying some leave, and as such has finally gotten around to one of her long dormant pet projects – beautifying our home. With this in mind, she roped in Kaylan from Creative Designs All Sorts, and before long, mysterious spots of different colors started appearing in Jessica’s room and the Dining/Braai/Office room.

I then blinked twice and there all of a sudden was Kaylan, painting our wall red!

IMG_20160517_123433 kaylan from creative designs all sorts painting our braai room wall red

Well that’s not strictly true. I did have to help Chantelle remove all shelves from the walls, plugs the holes and prep the rooms for painting – not to mention shuffle all the furniture and toys around so that there was at least space to paint.

Chantelle’s got big plans for the house in general, but for now we’re starting small. The dining room and jessica’s room, the first becoming a nice safari tan with a garnet focus wall, the latter turning candy pink complete with a pink and purple striped focus wall.

Oh, and we’ve sold Jessica’s bed, clearing way for the purchase of a new bunk bed – yes, whether they like it or not, the two girls are about to become roomies!

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The end result is going to look amazing…

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Jessica Paints in the Lounge My Life 19 OCT 2013

It’s not often that I get home and find Chantelle playing with Jessica – most of the time she is either busy baking cupcakes, cleaning up, making supper, or glued to the television catching the latest episode of 7de Laan (to be fair, I only come home from work 3 times a week, the other 2 times I’m already at home), but one evening I did arrive home to find a rather messy affair going on in the lounge:

jessica and chantelle painting in the lounge

Turns out that Jessica is RATHER fond of breaking out the paint and making a mess – thank goodness for easy to wipe down, water-based paints! :)

Photo Gallery: Country Mews gets a Paint Job (2013-03-12) Photo Gallery 23 MAR 2013

I finally gave in and agreed with Chantelle that it was time to spruce up the look and feel of our home here in Country Mews – in other words it needed a new coat of paint and definitely some new varnish on the window frames!


Chantelle managed to make contact with the guy who recently painted the house across the road from us (Oom Boeta), and after accepting his initial quote we were all set to go! Picking a colour turned out to be a lot easier than normal thanks to both Chantelle and I keen on the same idea, and in the end we sourced a wonderful colour named “Cyclone” from Builder’s Warehouse’s house brand Fired Earth’s Severe Weather range. Coming in at R460 for a 20 litre can meant that it wasn’t too horrible in terms of price, which was just as well because by the time the boys had finished, we had used up 60 litres of paint on the house!

There were a few problems with Oom Boeta and his boys, and eventually we did end up forking over more money that what was initially agreed upon, but we did get a lot extra thrown in, like the painting of the gate, the re-waterproofing of the roof’s spine as well as the painting of the braai chimney and the fixing of a minor hole in the roof!

The job did take a couple of days longer than originally planned for, but this was mainly due to weather – in other words Gordon’s Bay’s famous wind (as well as a little rain) decided to come and play.

We did come up a little short by virtue of the fact that we were unable to source paint of the same batch number (in the end we had to settle for three different batch numbers, never a good thing if you ask any building painter), the end result being that we do have some discolouration where Boeta unfortunately chose to do touch up work, and to be honest, the end result of the work in general isn’t quite up to our perfectionist standard – BUT, and it is a big but, given the price we paid and the people we used, we can’t actually complain (for labour we only paid R2,750!) and quite frankly – the house DOES looks pretty damn good now, especially at dusk where the colour really brings out the green of the garden!

To compare, here’s the old colour:

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”4″ ids=”22499,22500,22501″]

Versus the new colour:

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And the House is almost Transformed! My Life 11 MAR 2013

paint-can-and-paint-brushWith the transformation of our house from light to dark well under way now, this weekend was a bit of a bust in terms of being able to go anywhere thanks to having painters over for all of Saturday and pretty much a huge chunk of Sunday.

Friday evening was a bit disappointing in terms of finishing off Army of Two with Ryan, thanks to spotty Internet connection (which culminated in having no connection for pretty much the whole Sunday evening!), and with Chantelle busy with her baking, I was left to fend for myself in terms of entertainment. That said, Saturday evening was even more of the same, with Chantelle off for her sushi, cocktails and soppy DVDs girls’ night out with Trish and the rest of the bunch in Bellville, and Jess (who was really in a difficult mood on the day) off chilling with Oupa and Ouma! Still, nothing that an evening of pizza and the awesome Dredd movie couldn’t fix!

Saturday also saw me make an unscheduled trip through to Stellenbosch, thanks to learning on our morning supply run to Builder’s Warehouse, that they had run out of stock of the Severe Weather Cyclone colour paint that we desperately needed in order for the team to continue with the paint job. (That sounds pretty awesome written down, but in case you are wondering “Severe Weather” is Builder’s Warehouse paint brand and “Cyclone” is the gorgeous gray colour we’re covering the house with). The trip was fairly successful, but I must admit, locating Builder’s Express in Stellenbosch not so much. Still, I managed to get another 20 litres of the necessary paint back to the boys so it was all good.

The only other thing I managed to achieve on Saturday then was the total rearrangement of our house, basically removing the last remaining ‘leisure’ section of the braai room and redistributing it to the rest of the house (my tiny office now even has a 40 inch television crammed into it!). This allowed us to open a ton of space for Chantelle’s work area to expand into, which needless to say does not bode well for my wallet in the coming weeks!

So the house looks a little bit strange at the moment with things a little out of place, but with the rocking chair sofa already relocated back to Bellville and one of our couches being advertised on GumTree, things should get back to normal as space starts to open up again!

Sunday kicked off another round of DIY for me as with the painter busy outside, I got busy inside playing with my new jigsaw and pretending to be a carpenter, building what will hopefully result in my first ever shelf with bookend combination. My highschool wood work teacher would have been proud! :P

(Note to Dad. I need to bring over some planks which I need you to rescue for me with your circular saw. Don’t ask.)

Chantelle and Jess arrived home in the afternoon and after a nice lazy afternoon of playing with a much more cheerful than Saturday Jess and in general just soaking up some sun, we capped the day off with a family trip to Pick ‘n Pay, bath and bedtime routine for Jess, and then some ostrich burgers in front of Big Bang Theory (finally, we’ve made it to season 6!).

And with Chantelle once again picking up her baking tools, I passed the rest of the night (remember, no internet), by playing some solo FIFA 13 – which didn’t go so well.

Scratch that one by me again My Life 19 JUL 2007

Damn it. Stupid white bumper. I don’t know why I even bother getting my bumpers resprayed all the time. It doesn’t take more than a month before some idiot who can’t drive scrapes off the paint. Grrr…

My old trusty steed, Jetta Jameson

My old trusty steed, Jetta Jameson

(I’ll ignore comments originating from people pointing out that I regularly use walls to stop myself when parking in parking garages. That doesn’t count cause I hit the walls straight on, thus leaving no damage whatsoever. So there :P)