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Helderberg Hospice Open Gardens in Somerset West (2020-10-10)

Honesty, compassion, transparency and an impeccable work ethic, those are the stated values of Helderberg Hospice, probably the most well known of the palliative care service providers around the Helderberg area. Serving an area that includes Gordon’s Bay, Sir Lowry’s… Continue Reading →

Trip to See The Cape Columbine Lighthouse (2016-02-06)

During our February weekend away in Jacobsbaai, while the rest of the crowd were enjoying their trips on the festival wagons, I thought it a good idea to drive out with the girls to go and have a look at… Continue Reading →

Dough-it-Yourself: Kids build your Own Panarottis Pizza

Not that we go there often mind you, but if we do, we don’t usually take the girls with us to Panarottis in Somerset Mall. However, one time we did actually treat Jessica to some pizza at Panarottis, and it… Continue Reading →

A Weekend of Wonder and Mountains

Last weekend was particularly awesome mind you. It kicked off with a trip after work to the big Carnival Weekend, the showpiece segment of the Gordon’s Bay month long Winter Wonderland festival, and I have to admit, I was pretty… Continue Reading →

A Market, a Walk, and Magic Mike

Another weekend past, another market stall manned. As per usual Friday evening was all but wiped out by the frantic market prep, with Chantelle massively behind thanks to her big 80 cupcake order which she needed to deliver in Bellville… Continue Reading →

My Home Alone Weekend: Part 1 (of 2)

Chantelle and Jessica left with Retha to visit the Vorster folks and family of Nieuwoudtville and Loeriesfontein, meaning that from Thursday afternoon to Monday evening, I was pretty much a bachelor again. Woo-hoo, untold freedom awaited! Which is of course… Continue Reading →

Easter Weekend 2012

(Eek! Falling behind with my Weekend Update posts! Two thirds into April already!!) Ah Easter Weekend 2012. Well, despite the conditions being perfect for going away for a long weekend, i.e. Chantelle was off for the weekend, no, make that… Continue Reading →

Date Nights Weekend

Well, we certainly enjoyed a very different weekend this weekend past. Monty and Cheryl had been missing Jessica and so asked us if they could borrow her for the weekend. After a lot of careful consideration, Chantelle finally decided that… Continue Reading →

A Valentine’s Christening

Yay, Chantelle was off for a change, it was Valentine’s Day weekend, We were going away to Hermanus and most important of all little Zandea was being christened – how could one not start the weekend on such a high note? :)

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