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Music: Papa Roach – Gravity (2015) Music 23 APR 2015

I’ve mentioned the fact that I rather enjoy Papa Roach’s music more than once on this blog, and thus it can come as no big surprise that I’m highlighting the new music video that the band just dropped for a track off this year’s new album release, F.E.A.R.

papa roach in black and white at the sea

While 2012’s The Connection album didn’t really come out as a winner for me, this year’s F.E.A.R. effort is definitely a different kettle of fish. Great songwriting and epic riffs means that the boys are definitely back, and this latest single off the album is certainly no exception.

“Gravity” was written by Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix for his wife, and in an interview Shaddix had this to say about the song:

That’s a raw nerve, man. I always want to put myself out there in the music and this song does that just more so than really ever. It doesn’t necessarily paint me in the best picture as far as the cliché rock guy gives himself to the rock and roll excesses story. But we went through that in our relationship. I failed as a husband, as a father, as a lover, as a friend to her and I just wanted to write a song about that brokenness and how somehow she sees something in me that I didn’t see in myself at times.

In other words, pure rock and roll stuff. Enjoy.

(Oh, and in case you were curious, In This Moment’s Maria Brink is playing the role of Shaddix’s wife in the video)

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Music: Papa Roach – Where Did the Angels Go (2012) Music 07 FEB 2015

I have been a massive, massive fan of Papa Roach ever since I laid my grubby hands on their Infest album way back in 2000, their rock/rap approach appealing to the raucous music tendencies of my twenties.

Over time, as I’ve grown and matured, so have they and their musical style, and while I do sometimes yearn for the sound of their earlier material, as a hard rock band they remain one of the absolute best!

papa roach the band

Taken off rdio.com, Heather Phares writes up this pretty good biography for the band:

“Starting out as a punk- and rap-influenced band, the northern Californian group Papa Roach eventually grew into a straight-ahead hard rock ensemble with strong heavy metal leanings. Consisting of Coby Dick, Jerry Horton, Dave Buckner, and Tobin Esperance, Papa Roach formed in 1993 and began releasing EPs soon after, including 1994’s Potatoes for Christmas and 1995’s Caca Bonita. By 1996, the group had replaced original bassist Will James with Esperance and hired a new manager; the following year, Papa Roach released their first full-length album, Old Friends from Young Years, which became a surprise hit on local radio.

The band’s regional success led to more prominent gigs, including dates with Suicidal Tendencies, Sevendust, and Powerman 5000, and a deal with Dreamworks Records, which released Papa Roach’s second album, Infest, in early 2000. The album went triple platinum thanks to the success of “Last Resort“, an intensely popular single that helped make Papa Roach one of the most beloved hard rock acts of the new millennium. Two years later, frontman Coby Dick opted to go by his given name of Jacoby Shaddix, and a new album, lovehatetragedy, was released that June. Stylistically, the band had begun to grow beyond its rap-rock roots and the new tracks showcased a slightly more mature, melodic, and straightforward hard rock sound. That same summer, however, the band joined a number of rap acts — including Ludacris and Xzibit — on Eminem’s Anger Management Tour.

In 2004, Papa Roach released their fourth studio effort, Getting Away with Murder. Buoyed by the success of the single “Scars,” Getting Away with Murder sold well and eventually went platinum. Two years later, Papa Roach began work on their fourth studio album at the infamous and historical Paramour mansion in Hollywood, once the home of silent movie star Antonio Moreno. Released in fall 2006, The Paramour Sessions featured a heavy L.A. rock aesthetic and generated two Top 10 rock singles, although its sales stalled around 400,000 copies. Drummer Dave Buckner exited the lineup one year later; after filling the empty seat with Unwritten Law’s Tony Palermo, Papa Roach hit the road to support The Paramour Sessions with tour dates alongside Seether and Staind. They remained on the road after joining Mötley Crüe’s Crüe Fest in 2008, but the band also found time to return to the Paramour mansion, where they launched songwriting sessions for another album.

Released in early 2009, Metamorphosis found Papa Roach reprising their interpretation of metallic hard rock and reuniting with Infest producer Jay Baumgardner. Papa Roach parted ways with Interscope in 2010 and signed a deal with the independent Eleven Seven label. The career-spanning collection The Best of Papa Roach: To Be Loved also appeared in 2010. The band’s first album for Eleven Seven, Time for Annihilation, combined new cuts and live re-recordings of their hits and appeared in August of 2010. In 2012, Papa Roach delivered its seventh studio album, The Connection. Featuring production from Sixx: A.M. frontman James Michael, as well as Goldfinger’s John Feldmann, the album showcased a mix of the styles and sounds the band has touched on over the years from rap to more straight-ahead hard rock.”

Now that we are all familiar with Papa Roach, (who have since released a new album in 2015 entitled F.E.A.R.) let’s turn our attention to today’s track. Taken off 2012’s The Connection album, here’s Where Did the Angels Go, another near perfect rock track from one of the bands I’ve followed right from the get go!

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Saturday Sounds: Last Resort (Papa Roach) Music 18 JUL 2009

papa roach infest album coverWithout a doubt, my favourite album during that period where I moved from my ‘teens into my twenties was that of Infest, the debut major-label album (and second album overall) from Californian hard rock band Papa Roach, one of the few bands I still continue to support to this day.

Unfortunately (from my perspective), as time progressed they’ve opted to go for a more hard rock approach to their sound, but in these glorious early days it was very much a wonderful smorgasbord of raw energy, incorporating elements of nu metal, hard rock, and rap-core to great effect. The songs were invigoratingly powerful, the lyrics bold and unapologetic and quite frankly, there just wasn’t anyone who could match the sheer excitement that listening to their material could evoke.

Despite the fact that there wasn’t a single poor quality song across the length of the album, Jacoby Shaddix and the boys had to kick off with something as their debut single from the album and so they went with this one, Last Resort. Take a listen, it pretty much sums up the energy, passion and strong lyrical content that made this album as awesome as it was!

I loved it then, and I still love it now (even I don’t necessary have much connection to the actual lyrical content. It’s just the beat and the energy baby! :D)

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Music and your Feelings My Life 04 APR 2007

ThreeDaysGraceIts amazing how music can be such a friend or a foe, depending on how it is wielded. Music has the power to completely lift your mood or completely squash it down into the dark abyss. Music tends to move people in many ways and people tend to attach thoughts or memories or even certain feelings to it.

In my personal space, throwing on Lighthouse Familys Lifted is guaranteed to get me in a good mood, similarly Savage Gardens Truly Madly Deeply will remind me of the love I once felt for Liz and Bryan Adams Summer of 69 instantly makes me think of the fun times I had with her. Of course the other side is also present.

On a more personal note, the first few times she caused me much emotional pain, Papa Roachs Scars was the song I most identified with. Now that I’ve exorcised her from my life, I find that Three Days Graces Gone Forever sums up exactly how I feel.

Now seeing that this is the unlawful Internet and a low profile page in the greater scheme of things, I’ve even decided to put up two songs for download (with their lyrics attached as a nice comparison to my mood from then to now).



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