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My Measles Scare (or rather, the Test for Measles is Expensive!)

At the start of June, Chantelle and I were making it a mission to head out for an early morning walk to the whale viewing point after dropping the kids off from school. After one particularly fine morning walk, I… Continue Reading →

An Update on Little Lotter No.2

A week or two ago Chantelle and I headed off after our weekly Weigh-less weigh-in session to see our selected obstetrics and gynaecology specialist Dr J. La Grange at her consulting rooms near the Mediclinic Vergelegen hospital in Somerset West… Continue Reading →

PathCare Complaint Resolved

A little while ago I posted about an issue we had with PathCare revolving around a stale claim from Jessica’s NICU jaunt which the medical aid had eventually turned down, forcing them to instead turn to us and try and squeeze the money directly from yours truly.

Stubborn Like Her Dad

Chantelle went for another check up scan on Friday, though this time around she gave her mom a much appreciated present, inviting Cheryl to accompany her to the gynae while I stayed at work, slaving away at my keyboard as per usual.

The Coming Age of Aunties and Uncles

So for any of you who have not yet been informed (telephone account is going to be high this month!), Chantelle and I are delighted to announce that we are indeed four weeks pregnant, with the blood test having confirmed all this on Wednesday 13 May 2010.

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