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Infographic: What Makes Up the Price of Petrol In South Africa?
[Partner Content] 17 SEP 2013

Just in case you weren’t exactly sure what makes up the current per litre price of petrol here in South Africa, here’s a handy (and colourful!) infographic from the team at surf4cars.co.za that landed up in my inbox this morning.

Funnily enough, I always assumed that BP was a much bigger player in the global fuel business than say the likes of Total!


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Petrol Price Push General Nonsense 02 DEC 2007

The good news: I travel to work by train. The bad news: I travel to Gordon’s Bay by car.

If any of you are lost, then you should be aware that of Wednesday this week, the price of all grades of petrol is going up by a massive 43 cents a litre.

This increase has been on the cards for a while now, thanks to all market fears over supply etc., so it is not like we didn’t know that it was coming, but still, 43 cents per litre extra is a lot to cough up at a visit to the pumps.

I wonder if bicycle sales have been on the increase lately and if SUV owners are kicking themselves yet?

Fuel for Thought General Nonsense 03 OCT 2007

Nuts. I knew petrol was going up by 10 cents per litre sometime this week, but I only found out that it happened last night this morning :(

Oh well, guess a couple of Rands extra aren’t going to hurt me too much. Except of course for all this driving to Gordon’s Bay. That’s a petrol sapper and a half (at least the pay-off for going there is worth it!)

Hmm…I wonder how many people are actively looking at switching to diesel?