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Pick ‘n Pay’s Stikeez are Splashing back into Action!
[Partner Content] 25 OCT 2016

Oh dear. Those hit squishy toys from Pick ‘n Pay that so enthralled the kids so last year are back… and this time they’re rising up from the depths!


Right. Same story as last year, if you head out and do your shopping at Pick ‘n Pay then for every R150 spent, you will receive one free Stikeez figurine.

This time around there are 24 sea-themed monsters/Stikeez to collect, and just as before, they come in sealed pods, so you never know who will pop up next.

In addition to the toys which no doubt your kids will now beg you incessantly for, there is also a free app available on both the iPhone and Android platforms.

And yes, just like last year, we are already sitting on a mountain of these things. One of the perks when you work at a guest house and pretty much have to shop every day!


Also: Available at Pick ‘n Pay from 24 October for eight weeks, or while stocks last.

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I Lost Jessica. Jessica 27 SEP 2014

I’m not making a very big deal out of this, or at least wasn’t at the time, but in truth it really is a big deal. You see, today I lost Jess. I did not know where my daughter was and it was scary as heck. At the time I was calm and collected, but looking back at it now, it was scary as hell.

And it could have ended much worse.

The stupid part is that all of it was down to a very basic parenting mistake quite frankly – I should, and do, know better. Parenting 101. But mistakes do happen and today a very big one was made.

With Chantelle working, I was left on kid duty for the day, and still needing things for my upcoming trip to Japan, I bundled Emily and Jessica into the car and headed off to Somerset Mall. With Emily in her pram, and Jessica holding my hand, we entered Pick ‘n Pay and made our way through a very busy store (payday weekend) down to the furthest corner which houses the clothing section.

Together Jessica and I browsed through the t-shirts and loaded up the pram with a few new ones which she helped me pull out. Then I stopped to have a quick look at the shorts because the only pair of shorts that I currently possess has a great big hole in the crotch area and I’m having huge difficulties in sourcing shorts big enough to fit my large posterior and tree trunk legs. One pair in particular looked quite promising.

Meanwhile, bored, Jessica had taken to climbing up and down the staff ladder and was happily busy entertaining herself in the clothing area.

I asked for access to the fitting cubicle and pulled Emily, pram and all inside. I looked to my side and saw Jessica still happily playing on the ladder. I told her that Emily and I were going inside, and when she is finished she must come here to me. I closed the door and started changing pants.

All of a sudden I hear Jess’ voice crying “Daddy, daddy, where are you?!?”, and recognizing that the voice was travelling away from the area at a very fast pace, I basically flung open the door, pulled up my pants, grabbed Emily’s pram and started searching. Soon I had a number of ladies that were in the area helping me with my search (it is a very large store), and whilst they combed down the aisles, I headed straight down the line of tills, loudly bellowing “Jessica!” down each and every aisle that I passed.

As I reached the entrance of the store, one of the ladies who was helping me look down the aisles, caught my eye gestured that she had spotted Jess, and I won’t lie, my heart skipped a beat when I turned at the entrance to spot a quivering, sobbing Jessica sitting at the manager’s desk in the front of the store.

I swooped in and picked up my frantic little girl, giving her the biggest bear hug that you can imagine.

Twenty seconds later, with a packet of Nik Naks now in her possession, and no more tears in sight, we were walking back towards the clothing section, hand firmly in hand.

(For the record, this time Emily, Emily’s pram, Jessica, and I all squeezed into the cubicle together. The shorts didn’t fit.)

jessica lotter eating mcdonalds chocolate sundae ice cream

A lesson learned indeed.

Easter Eggs in January! My Life 10 FEB 2013

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw Easter Eggs being advertised on television the other day, never mind the fact that I nearly died of shock when I bumped into this in our local Pick ‘n Pay just a couple of days back:

beacon easter eggs at pick n pay in january

Seriously?!? Easter eggs in January?!?

I can only imagine that this is a bit of a money grab on the part of Beacon, who I assume are hoping to get people to start expanding on Easter Egg season, thereby lengthening the window of opportunity and profit for Beacon’s well established Easter treats.

That said, I think they might have tried their luck a little too much on this one. Can’t see anyone thinking that this is actually a good idea!

Pick ‘n Pay Clothing Label Fail – Part 2 General Nonsense 05 NOV 2012

While I enjoyed a good laugh earlier this year when I spotted this spelling fail via the Pick ‘n Pay clothing label, Real Clothing (or in their case, “Real Clotning”), I couldn’t believe my eyes when on Friday I spotted this latest gem in the clothing aisle:


Seriously? Is English spelling that much under threat these days?

Proofreading. A dying art it would seem.

Pick ‘n Pay Clothing Label Fail General Nonsense 10 APR 2012

I had to have a good chuckle to myself (and well to all those standing within earshot of me for that matter), when I spotted the following whilst paying for my t-shirt purchase at the Pick ‘n Pay Clothing Store in Somerset Mall.

There, next to the cash register is a little display stand with bra straps hanging on display. Nothing really exciting here unless you happen to read the packaging label – which is pretty difficult to miss, what with it being in big, bold white font and all.


Really? How did this particular misspelling slip through all the designers, editors, and printers, without someone noticing that something was this rather amiss!?

Proofreading. Still necessary in today’s world of spellcheck and auto-correct! :)

Comic Book T-Shirt: Wolverine Comic Books 31 JUL 2010

Another week, another comic book related t-shirt from Pick ‘n Pay that makes its way onto my shelf back home. This week’s t-shirt marvel features none other than the ultimate bad boy of the comic book world: Wolverine!

I guess not much has to be said about the short, gruff ball of muscle and attitude that is Logan, aka Wolverine, what with his jump from comic books to big screen movie adaptations. But for those of you who don’t know, Wolverine is a mutant with enhanced senses, a heightened healing ability that allows him to recover from just about any injury or illness and most iconically important of all, an adamantium fused skeleton that comes complete with three retractable claws on each hand!

This is one anti-hero who you really don’t want to make angry, even if he is primarily with those goody two-shoes the X-Men!

Bub, don't mess with me. After all I'm the best at what I do... and what I do isn't nice.

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Comic Book T-Shirt: The Flash Comic Books 24 JUL 2010

Pick ‘n Pay doesn’t just do Marvel t-shirts as this latest purchase of mine indicates – no, even DC Comic get their fair turn! This week’s comic book t-shirt features none other than the fastest man alive: the scarlet speedster, the iconic Flash!

Many have worn the mantle of the Flash, the Golden Age’s Jay Garrick, the Silver Age’s Barry Allen and of course the Modern Age’s Wally West, the Flash I’m most familiar with. One thing of course stays constant for these three heroes, namely the super speed each one is blessed with, the ability to move faster than sound, faster even than light in some cases.

So if you are looking for a hero who knows how to think fast on their feet, you certainly shouldn’t look further than the Flash! :)

As for the t-shirt for sale, feast your eyes on this piece of class:

Heh, this one ought to just fly off the shelves you know! :P

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Comic Book T-Shirt: Spider-man’s Green Goblin Comic Books 17 JUL 2010

Pick ‘n Pay is at it again with its awesome range of Marvel t-shirts and this week we a showcase a shirt depicting one of the classic Spider-man nemeses, The Green Goblin.

Although many have donned the mantle over the years, it all started with industrialist Norman Osborn whom ingested a serum that gave him enhanced physical abilities and intellect. However, a side-effect saw him driven completely insane, leading to him donning a halloween-themed goblin outfit and arming himself with a high-tech arsenal that included items like his feared pumpkin bombs and goblin glider. Responsible for some of the biggest tragedies in Peter Parker / Spider-man’s life, the Green Goblin is certainly not a man to be trifled with!

And as for the funky black t-shirt which I bought, well wonder no further, this is how it looks:

The fearsome Green Goblin, bursting right out of the funny pages and onto your chest!

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Silver Surfer Again? Comic Books | General Nonsense | My Life 12 DEC 2009

Believe it or not, yes, it is another Silver Surfer t-shirt post.

Geeky to you, awesome to me, I now wear it with pride thank you very much. Thanks Pick ‘n Pay for stocking so much awesomeness, even if you have chosen to keep it hidden amongst all that other junk that you fill your shelves with!


I know I know, awesomeness sometimes needs to be contained.