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How to test if a Crontab is working in Ubuntu

Editing your cron jobs with the crontab -e command will ensure that your crontab is at least syntactically correct, by not installing it unless it is a valid cron file. Outside of that though, it falls to you to test… Continue Reading →

Using a jQuery selector on an ID containing a Pipe (|) Character

I’m quite fond of using the pipe (|) character in tag, id and name properties because it just seems visually such a great delimiter to use when stuffing a string full of useful information to be extracted via splitting or… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Terminal: How to Pause ls Listing

To list the files and folders of a directory while running around in an Ubuntu terminal you use of course the classic ls list command. But what if the list it returns is particularly long? Is there a way to… Continue Reading →

Rolling Back the Carpet

Instead, one of the copper pipes feeding into the geyser had corroded enough to from a small hole the size of a pinhead, causing a perpetual spray of water against the geyser at a rate fast enough to fill up a cup withing a minute.

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