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Jessica Opening Doors with Daddy Jessica | My Life 19 MAY 2012

Jessica is at the stage where she seems to like nothing better than opening and closing doors. You name it, if it has hinges then you will find her happily sitting in a corner, opening and closing that poor bugger as if there is no tomorrow.

Needless to say, this means quite a few extra opportunities for play time! :)

Simple way to Play MP4 videos on Your XBOX 360 CodeUnit 20 JUN 2010

So you are already the master of streaming videos over to your XBOX 360 console using nothing more than Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, uShare and a UPnP, but here’s a simple little trick for playing MP4 video files on your XBOX – without the hassle of messing with MIME types or reconverting your files!

Simply put, the default view for MP4 files on the XBOX is as audio files and so lists them as such, despite the fact that your MP4 file may in fact be a video file. The easiest way around this is of course to simply rename them to something the XBOX would expect a video file to appear as – like .mov files for example!

And that is it. Rename your .mp4 video file to a .mov file, refresh your share, load up the video list on the XBOX and look out for your newly added video file which was previously only visible under the music tab.

Click play, sit back… and relax! :)