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jQuery DataTables with Lots of Columns Crashes in IE

If you are using the brilliant jQuery DataTables plugin to present your data in nifty dynamic tables, and are using it in a server-side loading context, you have no doubt encountered the issue when a table with a lot of columns (more than 20) fails to load (in other words stays in “processing” mode) when browsing using Internet Explorer (IE).

PHP and Google Charts: Using a POST request when a GET String is too Long

Google Charts is an extremely stable and reliable web-based charting engine that is perfect for dropping into any project where you quickly want to produce some high quality graphs for your end user.

jQuery Across Domain AJAX Content Loads

In order to execute better security, javascript does not allow for ajax queries to be directed at a different domain from the one on which the ajax call was originally made.

jQuery: How to Post a Form’s data with Ajax

Rather, I want to highlight how one easily posts all of a form’s various values (housed in textboxes, text areas, selects or even radio buttons) to one’s jQuery ajax function call.

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