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Photo Gallery: Impromptu Picnic at the Helderberg Nature Reserve (2014-01-02)

It seemed like a very good idea to start off 2014 with a breath of fresh air, and as such an impromptu picnic for Jess, myself and a heavily pregnant Chantelle seemed an awfully great idea at the time. We… Continue Reading →

An Update on Little Lotter No.2

A week or two ago Chantelle and I headed off after our weekly Weigh-less weigh-in session to see our selected obstetrics and gynaecology specialist Dr J. La Grange at her consulting rooms near the Mediclinic Vergelegen hospital in Somerset West… Continue Reading →

Oops… We did it Again!

So Chantelle and I received pretty awesome news over the weekend… it has been confirmed that Chantelle is around 6 weeks pregnant with our second little one! :) Very unexpected and very unplanned, the news comes as a bit of… Continue Reading →

Joke Factory: A Different Vacation Experience this time around

Paddy walked into his travel agent’s office. “Brian, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my annual vacation getaways over these last three years, but this year I want to do something completely different”. “Well Paddy, what do you mean by that?” asked a… Continue Reading →

Joke Factory: Doggy-style

A redhead, a brunette and a blonde are pregnant and sitting in their doctor’s waiting room. The redhead says, “when we conceived, my husband was on top, so we’re going to have a little girl.” The brunette says, “when we… Continue Reading →

The Coming Age of Aunties and Uncles

So for any of you who have not yet been informed (telephone account is going to be high this month!), Chantelle and I are delighted to announce that we are indeed four weeks pregnant, with the blood test having confirmed all this on Wednesday 13 May 2010.

Photo Gallery: Andri’s Stork Party and a Cake (2010-03-13)

Apart from attending the very pregnant Andri’s stork party, Chantelle was also tasked with baking a key-shaped cake for someone’s 21st birthday celebrations.

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