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Homecoming Princess Jessica | My Life 29 DEC 2010

I guess I have been pretty quiet on the Jessica front in terms of the blog lately, but that is mainly because nothing big has been happening and everything has been pretty much status quo, smooth sailing if you know what I mean.

Hello world - or should that be kitty?

My beautiful daughter is currently sitting around 42 centimetres long and weighs in at just over the 2.5 kg mark, though this varies as she tends to lose a little, gain a little now that she is almost exclusively feeding on the breast.

And yes, her hair is still red.

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Jessica and the Nipple Jessica | My Life 16 DEC 2010

Can you believe that little Jessica has been with us for a whole month now already?

Although still “incarcerated” at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the fabulous Kuils River NetCare hospital, our little dribble monster is doing exceedingly well, outside of the danger zone, unplugged from almost all sensors and drips and now focussing entirely on bonding with mommy and daddy, picking up weight and learning to breast feed.

And to think, she was only meant to come out of Chantelle’s tummy in a month’s time!

I've got my eye on you!

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Jessica’s Journey Home – Week 3 Jessica | My Life 06 DEC 2010

The third week of Jessica’s fight back has now come and gone, and our little Martian dribble monster came through with flying colours!

Jessica examining her new enclosed confines

Taking in exclusively Mommy’s Steri and Stumpie breast milk at last, little Jessica has already been taken off the drip and is now receiving her feeding in timed intervals, in order to simulate real life conditions as well as to exercise her hunger reflexes. As it is, my little girl is packing on the weight, averaging a good 40 to 50 grams extra each day, meaning that she is now over the 1.8 kg mark and well on her way to that magic 2.2 kg number.

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Jessica’s Journey Home – Week 2 Jessica | My Life 02 DEC 2010

Jessica’s second week in the NICU at Netcare Kuilsriver (21 – 27 November) was a bit of a mixed bag, though definitely with far more positives than negatives. Chantelle continued her recuperation at home, with me looking after her – and of course playing chauffeur to ensure that we made the daily trip to hang out with our daughter and most important of all, keep Chantelle to her all important Kangaroo sessions with Jessie.

Jessica fast asleep on Mommy's chest. If this isn't heaven, then I don't know what is! :)

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