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The Ultimate Braai Machine My Life 29 DEC 2009

One of the most awesome gifts I received this Christmas was the ultimate braai from Chantelle, an absolutely brilliant piece of metal craftsmanship that now proudly adorns our outside area at the back of the pad. Of course, it did come with a tin of paint, a paintbrush and some turps as added extras (which Chantelle wrapped to the extreme), but now that I’ve deftly applied those gifts to the primary gift yesterday afternoon, our ultimate braai stands ready for its maiden voyage – I’ve just got to decide what to throw on there first up!

Glorious, isn't it?

An angled artistic shot to make it look even more awesome

The final awesome artistic shot, proving just how good a photographer I really am...

Indeed, now I truly can set about laying claim to what my braai apron has for so long already proclaimed: Craig: Champion Braaier! ;)

Spoiled Sneaky Surprise My Life 13 FEB 2008

Crying TeddyLast night started off on a rather funny foot when Chantelle excitedly told me that the plans had changed and that she no longer has to work on Thursday evening, namely Valentine’s Day. Much to her surprise I was absolutely devastated at the news, a response that no doubt puzzled her completely. Well, obviously I had to quickly explain just why I reacted so negatively to this stellar news and when she heard my story she totally agreed with me that Andrea has managed to spoil the best Valentine’s surprise ever! (Well at least I thinks so)

For logistics sake, I don’t travel through to Gordon’s Bay during the week at all. In fact, I don’t think I have EVER been there during the week since Chantelle has moved there more than a few months ago. So my super duper well thought out Valentine’s plan was to play up the fact that Friday night we were going to ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s all out and in so doing downplay the fact that I wasn’t going to see her on Thursday at all. However, being the sneaky man that I am, I had planned on pitching outside her work late Thursday night, gifts and wine in hand and then giving her the biggest surprise of her life (and then surprise her even more by spending the night)!

Oh well, as much fun as this would have been, I’m just being sour because my super secret sneaky plan has been foiled. The fact of the matter of course is that I’m still going to go through to Gordon’s Bay tomorrow evening and we are now going to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it should be done, restaurant and all, because now we have loads more time to do it in :)

Looking forward to it already babes! *mwah*