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Yes, My Home Office is Officially Cooler than Yours

Yes, my home office is now officially cooler than yours. Why you ask? Well it is all thanks to the new addition in my little man den here at home, a little something I picked up from a frame/art shop in Canal Walk on my birthday this year.

DIY Home Upgrade

We really haven’t spent much time or money on improving the house in a very long time, with life and the garden simply getting in the way of the small amount of free time we do seem to have here in Country Mews. However, this weekend saw us pick up the DIY reigns once more, as we kitted out in the process two bathrooms, one bedroom and even slapped in one shiny steel rack for the shed!

jQuery: How to Expand an Accordion for Printing

I did however come across a little problem that needed solving the other day, namely that when printing an accordion page, only the currently open, in other words visible, accordion segment prints, leaving the rest of the closed segments hidden on the final printed page.

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